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In Michael Moore's America, Speaking Out Against The President Gets You a Visit from the Secret Service


I’m afraid that in the warped world in which Mr. Moore lives, dissent is only allowed for those who share his ideology.

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Just when I thought his behavior couldn’t be any stranger, I recently learned that far left zealot Michael Moore Tweeted out a request that the Secret Service investigate my writer/director Dinesh D’Souza for threatening the life of the President of the United States. Evidently Mr. Moore thinks referring to the President as “Trayvon Martin in the White House” is a crime. 


I’m afraid that in the warped world in which Mr. Moore lives, dissent is only allowed for those who share his ideology.

Photo Credit: AP 

Mr. D’Souza did in fact make such a statement in a Tweet that he immediately took down out of respect for Mr. Martin’s lovely mother, a deeply Christian woman who has acquitted herself with grace during her difficult time in the public sphere. But Moore’s over-the-top reaction once again shows us what liberals truly believe in their hearts about free speech and the power of the state to suppress it.

Actually, I was a bit surprised to hear that Mr. Moore had surfaced publicly again after I raised questions about the appropriateness of his serving on the documentary board of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a position which gave him the power of helping to determine which films might be eligible for an Oscar nomination. Thankfully, the Academy recognized the mistake and rectified it, removing him from his post last fall, a move which I was grateful for and which might restore some semblance of balance to the nominating process. Now Mr. Moore is seeking further recognition doing what he does best: fomenting hatred in the media.

But it’s good to take opportunities like this to remind ourselves from time to time that this is still America, and to remember that men like D’Souza and Moore retain their constitutional rights to say what they want without fear of recrimination. Unlike Mr. Moore, both Dinesh and I pride ourselves on supporting all Americans and their right to speak out without fear of visits from the Secret Service.

I don’t Tweet, but I do write and here is my response to Mr. Moore: 

We were proud that the American people made our last film "2016: Obama’s America" the second most popular political documentary in the history of cinema, after your "movie" "Fahrenheit 911." But we’re also looking forward to having the silent majority in this country come back to the box office on the 4th of July and lift our next movie "America" to even greater heights, and who knows, maybe we’ll give your “film” a run for its money.

Unlike your "films" which are really propaganda pieces which give comfort to our enemies and seek to remind Americans about all that is wrong with their country, "AMERICA" will be a stirring reminder to all Americans, right, center and left, of what is good about America, and what we must do moving forward to be a great nation once again. As Dinesh says in the film, “to love our country, our country ought to be lovely." 

This will be our quest.

See you at the box office. 

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