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Inside a Child Trafficking Deal: Operation Underground Railroad


We bought two haitian children for $20,000. Next thing we knew, we had automatic rifles in our faces.

Photo Credit: Mark Mabry.

This story previewed last week on TheBlaze and on The Glenn Beck Program.

Tim’s plan was working.

And not only did Yvrose and Farah buy it, they seemed to revel in it: an eccentric 20-something looking for a new child or two for an undisclosed purpose, Bill Clinton’s Presidential Suite, $20,000 in crisp new bills and a wire for 10 more on the way, gourmet sandwiches ordered up effortlessly with fries and endless coke bottles, a mysteriously rich guy with a yacht, a tall security guard, a baby broker, a couple of Haitians, an earnest brother in law, and a need to take pictures that bordered on fetish.

There was yelling. Dutch and Haitian armed officers jumped out of the cars. The Haitians pointed automatic rifles.

Tim was thrown to the ground with Andrew and Chet. Gerson laid down. I was shoved to my face and landed by Tim’s feet.

“They need you two in there right now to give a statement,” Andrew directed. “Right now. Get up, hurry.”

This was not in the plan. Were we still in character? Does the judge understand that? If not, we lose a lot of leverage. If so, I was about to lie under oath, including lying about my name.

Mark Mabry, of TheBlaze, volunteered to go undercover with Tim Ballard  in a child trafficking sting operation in Haiti. Go inside the room for a child trafficking  transaction, arrest, and interrogation. Click HERE to read and listen to the entire story.

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