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Is 'ISIS' Islamic? Moderate, Radical, and Non Muslim Scholars Have a Heated Debate


A debate between a moderate Muslim, a radical Muslim, and a non-Muslim -- on whether the Islamic State is Islamic or not.

AP Photo/Nasser

Last week's special edition of "The Glazov Gang" was joined by London Imam Anjem Choudary, American Muslim Activist Isa Hodge and myself, a Freedom Center Shillman Fellow.

We came on the show to battle it out over whether Islamic theology inspires Islamic terror.

Hodges, an American convert to Islam who seemed to represent the "moderate Muslim" camp, insisted that the Islamic State was not practicing true Islam, while Chourary said that the "caliph," Abu Bakr, is the leader of all Muslims around the world.

Both Hodges and Choudary, however, found much to blame in American culture and Western civilization in general.

Choudary claimed that the Islamic State is not enslaving "infidel" women for sexual purposes and all news otherwise is Western propaganda, and Hodges made claims that seemingly fly in the face of history -- including that Islam was not spread the sword.

Me, the non-Muslim, opposed many of these claims by citing Islamic history and doctrine.

You, the viewer, decide who is right and who is wrong.

Do you agree with Hodge and Choudary, who claim that when a Western nation invades a Muslim one, that that is a reflection of Christianity -- no less than when Islamic State commits atrocities while quoting the Koran? Do you agree with them that the Bible -- including the New Testament -- incites believers to violence?

Watch the debate and decide.


Feature Image: AP Photo/Nasser Nasser

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