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Is Romney the new Reagan?


President Obama says that Ronald Reagan couldn’t pass with today's GOP. A hillbilly knows more about opera than Obama knows about Reagan. Obama does know a little something about Republicans though. He knows that historically Republicans fight like sissies and have no idea how to set a narrative. So in attacking Reagan, Obama believes Republicans won’t know how to react. They certainly wouldn’t let just anybody take the baton from Reagan, now would they?

Obama wants America to believe that he and Reagan are brothers from other mothers; that he is more like Reagan than Romney. Nice narrative, if you can sell it. Reagan might be rolling over in his grave at Republicans, but not because they don’t have Reaganesque principles. Reagan would be appalled at how the Left has managed to commandeer the lexicon, and make sensible people lose their ability to reason.

The Left continually derides the Bush tax cuts, as if tax cuts are bad. Tax cuts give the people their money back. How can that possibly be bad? This is the equivalent at not liking a rebate. We all love rebates, especially instant rebates, and not the kind you have to send in the UPC code and a copy of the receipt. I doubt that you’ve ever heard anybody complain about getting a rebate. Obama wants us to believe that we want the government to invest in things like Solyndra, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Postal Service, Medicare and Medicaid, and frankly that’s insulting. So when the government confiscates less of your money, that’s cause for celebration, not derision.

Liberals however have managed to make tax cuts something Republicans are ashamed of. Even former President George W. Bush said recently that he wished Liberals had named “The Bush Tax Cuts” something else.

Bush should be proud to have his name on tax cuts. Would Bush rather have his name on “The Bush Tax HIKES?” Can you imagine how Reagan would have fought on behalf of “The Reagan Tax Cuts?”

By now, we would have a civilian medal called “The Reagan Medal of Freedom for Tax Cuts”—a medal that would be second only to the Medal of Honor. Republicans lucky enough to receive the medal would proudly showcase their medals in their campaign ads. Reagan would remind the American people that the government is a beggar, at the mercy of the people; that the government has no money, because the money belongs to the people.

Going against “The Reagan Tax Cuts” would get you ridiculed, and would likely end any political aspirations you might have, and rightfully so.

Romney has Reagan potential. Don’t shake your head or question my sanity, because that’s a fact. Romney at times appears downright Reaganesque.

There is very little difference between Reagan’s state of California and Massachusetts.  Reagan didn’t change The People’s Republic of California, so why do we expect Romney to have changed Taxachusetts? Both men have seen what happens when Liberalism runs amuck.

Reagan would applaud Romney on his life, particularly Romney’s ability to amass an astounding net worth, as there is NO shame in doing well financially. Yet Liberals want America to believe Romney is bad for acquiring wealth, and Republicans continually apologize for financial success, as if people love their personal failure. How silly is this!? People love other people’s failures, but most Americans wish for personal success.

Presenting Romney as a success is the Left trying to convince us that successful people like Romney are losers. Romney has too much against him? He’s a wealthy family man with political experience and amazing business acumen. What a loser!

Romney is a pure by-the-book capitalist. And much to the chagrin of the Left, Romney will work to repeal ObamaCare. He will also reduce corporate taxes, and do things that encourage small business. Romney will bring fiscal sanity to Obama insane Bizarro World of economics where a bankrupt nation can spend its way out of debt, where lower bond ratings are dismissed, as are welfare rolls bursting at the seam.

There certainly is no better time than now for the baton passing ceremony between the ghost of Reagan and Mitt Romney. It’s 1980 all over again, and Romney deserves the baton. Remember this:  It’s not what you think about Romney, it is what we make of Romney. Liberals will have much to fear, when we begin to see Reagan in Romney.

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