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Lane-gate, Christie Helps Obama Again!
Governor Chris Christie greets President Barack Obama before an ariel tour of the damage in New Jersey from Hurricane Sandy at Atlantic City Airport in Atlantic City, N.J. on Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Lane-gate, Christie Helps Obama Again!

The Christie scandal has given liberals and the mainstream media the opportunity to bash all those on the right - even though most of us never supported Chris Christie in the first place.

We all remember when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie embraced, literally, Resident Obama just a week before election 2012. That boost from a blue-state Republican was wildly heralded by liberals, met with disgust from conservatives and shock from the Romney campaign.

It was a caper, an implicit endorsement that gave America the sense that Obama was a leader who put politics aside when the chips were down in a state run by a Republican. The final impression, which in no way reflected the truth about the most partisan president in our lifetime, was what Americans took with them to the polls.

We now fast forward to 2014, a time when the country should be focused, “like a laser,” on the harm being done by Obamacare. But we’re not. Instead we’re focused on New Jersey. It appears Chris Christie is helping Resident Obama once again.

Governor Chris Christie greets President Barack Obama before an aerial tour of the damage in New Jersey from Hurricane Sandy at Atlantic City Airport in Atlantic City, N.J. on Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

It’s been a trend lately for the GOP, bashing conservatives and the Tea Party. It seems the marching orders have come down from the McCain, Rove, Corker, Graham, Cantor, and Boehner wing of the GOP. Apparently, even the communications folks have been briefed. Brad Dayspring is the communications director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. He recently tweeted that the Senate Conservative Fund was responsible for the success of Mark Levin’s book.  Indeed, the SCF did buy $427,000 worth of Mark Levin’s book to give to donors. But the book was a paperback version of "Liberty and Tyranny." That was Mark’s last book, not his current book, "The Liberty Amendments." In either case, the purchase did not result in the “best-seller” status of either book.

This example of rank stupidity seems to reflect the GOP’s commitment. It’s not a commitment to defeating extremist liberal Democrats, who are destroying the country. It’s rather a commitment to destroying the Tea Party and the GOP conservative base. It looks like Gov. Chris Christie got the memo too. He’s paying dearly for it.

Gov. Chris Christie has been one of the more vocal critics of conservatives and the Tea Party trying to limit the size and scope of the federal establishment. On the heels of his big win in the Garden State, Christie held up his bipartisan accommodation of liberals as an example for all the GOP to follow.

But then there’s the, “traffic scandal,” “lane-gate,” or whatever the mainstream press is calling it. The same press that fawned over Christie, as their preferred Republican, after his election victory, has turned on Christie. They are now demanding to know what he knew and when he knew it.  Some members of the press have declared it was inconceivable that Christie didn’t know about ordering a traffic jam as payback to a Democrat mayor who declined to endorse the bipartisan champion. Others say his presidential aspirations are doomed.

Remember this is the same press that wasn’t half as skeptical that Resident Obama didn’t know about:

•About German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone being tapped.

•About military death benefits being cut during the government shutdown.

•About how bad the economic crisis of 2008-2011 was.

•About the controversial ACORN group getting $4.19 BILLION from HIS economic stimulus plan.

•About the IRS targeting conservative groups.

•About the DOJ wiretapping of press reporters.

•About the NSA collecting data on emails, phone calls and social media for all Americans.

•About the fact that healthcare.gov wasn’t ready for primetime.

•About Fast and Furious Department of Justice gun running to Mexico.

•About the failure of his “light foot print,” “lead from behind,” foreign policy that resulted in the death of four Americans, including our ambassador, in Benghazi, on the Sept. 11th anniversary.

In case you missed it, these are all the things that President didn't know about.

Let Christie’s plight be a teachable moment for the wayward GOP establishment. John McCain, the former reigning favorite of the mainstream press, can attest that when it comes to a choice between the Republican and the Democrat, a vast majority of the press will favor the Democrat.

Christie is seen, by the press, not conservatives, as the only chance the GOP has to take the White House in 2016. Thus, he must be destroyed, even if the press has to show rank hypocrisy to do it. It’s no mystery to anyone but the GOP that they are practiced and skilled at doing that very thing.

So, now Chris Christie is an island unto himself.

If he had decided not to bash conservatives and the Tea Party, they would have been some of his staunchest supporters and advocates. They would have insisted that the press take his proclamation of ignorance of the scandal at least as seriously as Obama’s copious declarations of cluelessness. But now, the liberals in the press and the Democrats in office are declaring him unfit for the White House. Conservatives couldn’t care less.

And the establishment GOP is demonstrating their typical M.O. by running for the hills so as not to be tarnished by the scandal.  They don’t want the press to start saying bad things about them.

But that’s the point. The press, by and large, hates the GOP and has kinship with the extremist liberals in government. They will always bash the candidate or office holder with an (R) after their name.

The lesson for the GOP is clear: You’ll never win over the press. They hate you with every fiber of their being.

So why bother to try and convince them that you are not the caricature they invented for you? Why not endear yourself to a majority of the nation? Why not show you value principle over the Democrat’s perverted version of process? Why not return to being the party that values the tenets that built the greatest nation in human history?  Why not be conservatives again?

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