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Matt Walsh: Dear Democrats, maybe you should stop killing your voters in the womb
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Matt Walsh: Dear Democrats, maybe you should stop killing your voters in the womb

Last night, Democrats lost another election. This time it was the Georgia special election, which, we had been informed, was the most important special election ever in history. Naturally, now that Republicans have emerged victorious, the media has decided that actually it wasn't all that important after all. As it turns out, the Democrats didn't have to win the election, they just had to lose by not that much. And in losing by not that much, they have achieved a moral victory. It may just be the greatest moral victory ever in history.

Of course it's always ironic hearing Democrats use the word "moral" to describe anything they do. The Democrat Party of 2017, with its advocacy for abortion, is the most morally bankrupt political party since the Democrat Party of 1850, with its advocacy for slavery, or the Democrat Party of 1870, with its support of the KKK, or the Democrat Party of 1960, with its opposition to civil rights. It's been a long time since the Democrats have been proponents of anything resembling morality.

Speaking of brutal atrocities supported by Democrats, I can't help but notice a potential correlation between their eagerness to murder the next generation and their inability to win elections. There is an argument to be made, at least, that you can't cultivate future voters by ripping them to pieces and selling them for parts. Nobody can say for sure how many of the 50 million children murdered since Roe would have grown up to be Democrats -- and their political affiliation certainly has no bearing on their inherent human value and dignity -- but I think we can make a few safe assumptions.

First of all, abortions disproportionately affect minority communities, and minority communities disproportionately vote Democrat. Black people make up only 14 percent of the population yet they account for over 30 percent of all abortions. In some major cities, black children are more likely to be aborted than born. Eleven percent of the black population has been exterminated through abortion since 1990. Overall, dating back to 1973, the black population would be 36 percent larger if not for abortion. And that's to say nothing of the black women who have died from breast cancer caused by abortion.

Second, it stands to reason that women who passionately support abortion are more likely to procure them. Surveys show that 79 percent of Democrats think abortion should be legal in all or most cases. A full 85 percent of Democrat women support abortion in every case or most every case. A logical person would conclude that a woman who radically and enthusiastically supports abortion will be more inclined to avail herself of the option. Indeed, a logical person may conclude that the most radical pro-abortion women are so radical precisely because they have availed themselves of it, and plan to do so again in the future. Would all of those children have matured into Democrats? Well, with militant feminist mothers, it seems likely.

In total, how drastically have Democrats reduced their own voting base through in utero execution? Nobody will ever be able to say with certainty, but surely the number is well into the millions. Yes, they have attempted to replace those lost voters by importing new ones from the third world -- and in that effort they have been enormously successful -- but imagine where they'd be if they had immigrant voters and their own homegrown variety. That's what's so astounding about all of this: the Democratic love for abortion is not only murderous but suicidal. It is not only a destructive act but a self-destructive act. Without abortion, there would be millions more black people, millions more women, millions more Democrats. Although we can't quantify the missing in exact numbers, it is undeniable that the leftist movement and all of its key constituents are killing themselves through abortion.

Now, I'm not suggesting that the primary reason to abolish abortion is so that the world will be blessed with more Democrats. The primary reason to abolish abortion is simply that human life is sacred and the intentional destruction of innocent life is a moral abomination. All other concerns and considerations are secondary to this point, and basically irrelevant in comparison to it. But still there are two reasons why I feel it necessary to point out that the Democrat Party is literally killing itself:

(1) Every time the Democrats lose, they search for an explanation and always settle on the comfortable notion that American voters are savage, slobbering bigots. On one hand, I'd be more than happy to see them continue with this sales pitch. "Vote for us to atone for your sins, you hateful troglodytes." On the other, I feel perhaps my own self-destructive urge to help them out. Insulting the voters won't help you. Also, killing them won't help, either. Indeed, the fact that you are killing them is probably the more practical explanation behind your electoral difficulties. Even if most of us are intolerant racists (we aren't), it's your fault that you allowed us to gain so much ground by wiping out the kids you could have raised to be lights of acceptance and love in the world.

(2)  But how can we be so selfish, bigoted, and hateful if we're the ones trying to convince you to stop killing your children? Pro-life Christians would benefit the least from the abolition of abortion, yet we are the only ones calling for it to be abolished. If we really hate black people, why are we trying to see to it that more black people are permitted to enter the world? If we really hate women, why are we advocating for a policy that would result in more of them existing? If we really hate you, why are we arguing in favor of something that may ultimately help your political objectives more than it helps ours?

If we were truly hateful and bigoted (and politically savvy) we would celebrate your abortions more than you do. Every time another abortion clinic opened in the inner city, we would be there to cut the ribbon and throw a parade. Instead, we're there to protest and pray. Why is that? Why are we trying to help you and save your children if we are so filled with hate?

Could it be that we don't hate anyone? Could it be that we just really don't approve of murdering babies, regardless of the race, gender, or future political persuasion of the victim? Could it be that your political losses are your fault because you can't stop butchering your own voting bloc? Could it be that your voters haven't been disenfranchised by voter ID laws or any other right wing conspiracy, but by the fact that they're currently decomposing in a dumpster behind your local abortion clinic?

Just something to think about.

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