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Merry Christmas from Barack, the Energizer Bunny of Blessings


Merry Christmas from Barack Hussein Obama, the energizer bunny of blessings.

President Barack Obama speaks to members of the media during his last news conference of the year in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House December 19, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

(Photo: Courtesy of Author) (Photo: Courtesy of Author)

Barack Obama, all by his lonesome, has done more, in six years, to restore the American dream than anyone could have imagined. He’s a blessing in disguise. Christmas is the perfect time to acknowledge the blessing he’s become to America.

THANK YOU BARACK, for crushing the Clinton Political Machine as you (and your henchpersons) encouraged left-wing radical, Mass. Senator Elizabeth Warren, to step into the political limelight to become the darling of the progressive uber-liberal left. This forced Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton shift toward the middle and attempt a different campaign rhetoric . . . which she can’t seem to remember or vocalize coherently.

(Photo: Courtesy of Author) (Photo: Courtesy of Author)

How embarrassing when poor ole’ granny Hillary suffered a brain freeze and declared, “Don’t let anybody tell you that corporations and businesses create jobs.”

THANK YOU BARACK, for decimating the Democrat party (without any help from the G.O.P.) by pushing through your well-planned progressive objectives. You’ve excelled at diminishing America’s power and world prominence, and destroyed our once vibrant economy with regulations designed to kill off the middle class. You’ve brought failed liberal policies out of the closet and into view where they sizzle and fizzle, like vampires exposed to sunlight. Your continual blathering about the need to “fundamentally transform” America, has driven the last nail into the progressive coffin. R.I.P.

THANK YOU BARACK, for throwing Harry Reid and his Demo-Rat Senators under the bus, even though they had loyally supported your dictates in order to force passage of Obama-no-Care. You sure fueled up the patriotic fire in the bellies of millions of ordinary American voters when you boasted how the 2014 elections were all about your policies. Right on bro! Thanks so much for helping Republicans and Conservatives gain majority control of Congress, with a sufficient margin to stop your illegal executive orders and memoranda.

THANK YOU BARACK, for fundamentally transforming the world’s healthcare system. When We-the-People drive the final stake into the heart of Obamacare, we’ll issue a Do-Not-Resuscitate order and establish a much better, free-market program. We’ll place American consumers and healthcare providers back in charge. Then, we’ll enact the programs you lied about and never intended to deliver: affordable premiums, healthcare savings programs, doctor and hospital choice, and the ability to move healthcare insurance coverage from state to state and employer to employer,

THANK YOU BARACK, for re-awakening millions of slumbering American patriots. You motivated the re-birth of Constitutional supporters, the T-Party, and demonstrated (by example) the effectiveness of social media in political campaigns. We’ve adapted your techniques as we face booked and tweeted to encourage millions of our fellow patriots to wake up, stand up, speak up, and vote (which they did) as if their country depended on them (which it does).

THANK YOU BARACK, for being the epitome of an “empty suit” with an unlimited credit card to support your only talent: delivering teleprompter speeches written by others. Millions of us watched you flit around on Air Force One, delivering your canned messages to ever dwindling crowds of hem-kissers as your speaking venues shifted from outdoor football stadiums to high school gymnasiums.

(Photo: Courtesy of Author) (Photo: Courtesy of Author)

We all know your sales pitch by heart: rich folks (like you) should pay their fair share and Americans need to accept life as part-time workers stuck in minimum wage jobs. C’mon now, Barack, do you really think anybody believes your redistribution sales pitch about how healthcare subsidies, disability, welfare, and food stamps paid for by the working middle class will bring shared prosperity for all Americans. HAHAHA! You’re kiddin’ us . . . right?

THANK YOU BARACK, for openly applying techniques of your socialist mentor, radical community organizer, Saul Alinsky. Your foot soldiers (unions, Marxist pals, government employees, and illegal aliens) further Saul’s methods to create chaos in the streets and within our government.

(Photo: Courtesy of Author) (Photo: Courtesy of Author)

Promotion of hate-filled-bottom-feeding-tax-cheat-racist agitator, Al Sharpton, shows your intention to turn Americans against each other in order to break down the fiber of our country. Nice try. It won’t work for long.

THANK YOU BARACK, for exposing the yellow streak that runs down your backside. After America’s brave warriors fought and died to bring democracy to Iraq, you walked away and handed this “budding” democracy (and American-made heavy weapons) over to Muslim terrorists. You invited America’s former allies to pitch in and do their fair share. When they declared, “no way Jose,” you chickened out and denied weapons to the boots-on-the-ground Kurdish freedom fighters. You drew a Red Line in the sand and then pretended you hadn’t when Syrian men, women, and children were gassed by their iron-fisted dictator. You kissy-kissy begged for a reset with Russian relations after you cancelled America’s promise to install a missile defense system in Poland. You send blankets and MREs (instead of weapons) to the Ukrainians as they fight Russian aggression. When the spiky-haired, crazy dictator of North Korea attacked a major company on American soil and threatened to bomb us into submission, you called the attack “cyber vandalism” and responded by attacking golf balls in Hawaii.

THANK YOU Barack, for igniting brisk sales of firearms and ammunition with your thinly veiled agenda for chaos in the streets and hatred against all forms of law enforcement. You and your American-hating pal, Attorney General Eric Holder, have motivated millions of Americans to take steps to protect their families, thereby creating a major stimulus for America’s hunting and shooting industry.

(Photo: Courtesy of Author) (Photo: Courtesy of Author)

AND FINALLY, FROM FORMER PRESIDENT, Jimmy Carter, “Thank you Barack, for shifting me into second place as the worst American President . . . ever.”

THANK YOU Barack, for becoming America’s energizer Bunny of Blessings. You have motivated millions of Americans to awaken and take action to save our country. We couldn’t have done it without you.

* * * * *

P.S. Dear reader, in case you missed my SING-A-LONG last week, click here to enjoy “The 1,730 days of Obamacare.”

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