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Obama is his own Arch Nemesis


There would be no Batman without a Joker and there would be no Tea Party without Obama. He created the opposition he loathes.

Have you noticed that Resident Obama has a habit of decrying things of his own creation? For example, during his never-ending campaign he claims to feel America's pain over low employment. He neglects to make the connection that it is his anti-growth policies that have led to such tepid hiring and has largely precipitated the slowest recovery in American history.

Mr. Obama says he's frustrated by the technical disaster plaguing the roll-out of his signature legislative achievement, Obamacare. He pledges to bring in experts to save the day. That has prompted many to ask, “Why weren’t the experts called in when the government spent the first $634 million in tax payer money to create the online exchanges?”

It’s fair to point out that Obama wouldn’t be griping about the incompetence and ineptitude of his government if he hadn’t rammed Obamacare down our throat to begin with.

[sharequote align="center"]Justice for me and not for thee,” is the Obama mantra. [/sharequote]

Resident Obama consistently calls for civility from his detractors. Hypocrisy doesn’t come close to describing Obama’s hollow calls for a softer tone. Obama and extreme liberals who now run his government and party have partaken in the most un-civil discourse in modern American politics.

Conservative and Tea Party members have been called, "hostage takers”, “people with bombs strapped to their chest”, “arsonists”, “terrorists”, “extremists”, “racists”, and “anarchists," all because we disagree with liberal extremism. Obama called those who believe as I do, "enemies." Proving he has no sense of fairness, not to mention shame, Obama insists he be treated with kid-gloves after he’s drawn an equal response from those he just beat-up.

The extreme left, in an effort to protect Obama from his own inexperience, classifies objection to Obama’s policies as racism. The sycophant media, largely led by MSNBC, can’t fathom a world where everyone doesn’t love Obama as much as they do. Therefore, they conclude, the opposition must be because he’s black. Turnabout is fair play. Mr. Obama, Harry Reid and many other left-wing extremists have hammered Senator Ted Cruz, a Latino, with all manner of names and insults. If our criticism of Obama is racist, so too is theirs.

“Justice for me and not for thee,” is the Obama mantra. It’s apparent to any objective watcher that the current Occupier of the Oval Office is projecting his own ideological bigotry on those he perceives as his enemies.

What has not dawned on the campaigner-in-chief is that his opposition is largely of his own making. It will not occur to a man, who largely is in it for himself and his legacy, that Washington’s dysfunction is as a result of his polices and lack of governance.

Obama decries the Tea Party, a movement that would not exist if not for his extreme leftist ideological polices. If Obama seeks to lay blame, he need only look in the mirror.  There would be no Batman without a Joker. There would be no Tea Party without Obama.

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