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Obama Just Helicoptered in

Obama Just Helicoptered in

Much can and will be written about what went so terribly wrong with the votes last week for the GOP, beginning, of course, with Romney’s defeat.

What happened?

The nation has one foot in the bankruptcy grave. Over the past four years Obama has added national debt at a frightening pace. By his own words and budget he admits that Americans will be $20,000,000,000,000 in debt by 2016. I think this will be a low figure, frankly. Unless some epiphany of reality comes over Obama and the Harry Reid led Senate, the nation will do nothing but slowly trundle along the next few years, a small economic success here and there on the margins, but on the whole heading toward financial Armageddon. The House might bend a little on a few of the economic desires of the president, but capitulate? Nope. Despite moving ever quicker to long term financial ruin for the nation, and with no credible plan to stop the free-fall, Obama was reelected anyway.

The nation’s unemployment rate remains ugly. That’s the right word. Obama’s policies have created less than half the jobs needed to make a recovery even marginally succeed. Amazingly, he offered nothing new in his positions the past couple years to bring down the stubbornly high rate. However, millions and millions of unemployed or underemployed have been added to the food stamp program. Obama was reelected anyway.

The Nation of Israel; these people lost big time Tuesday. Obama has been the most anti-Israel US president since the founding of modern Israel. Israel knows today that they are on their own. Obama will give lip service to being an ally and “always being there” for Israel, and might even send a Navy ship or two to sit off Israel’s coast, but make no mistake about it, Islamists are sharpening their swords, cleaning their guns, and fitting for more suicide vests. The best that tiny Israel can hope for over the next four years is if the US will at a minimum agree that a nuclear Iran cannot be, and take military action to at least slow down the development of nukes there. Or stand out of Israel’s way to try. But the terrorists, including Hezbollah and Hamas especially, are today drawing up new attack plans. And don’t look for the feckless UN to do anything to help Israel. Obama (with the acquiescing votes of about 90% of America’s Jews) was reelected anyway.

We have become a nation of addicted “give me my stuff” people. Not all of us, but at least 51 percent of us. Romney needed one of four major groups (he did get the male vote) to break his way. Women went for Obama. Hispanics (except for South Florida Cubans) went for Obama. African-Americans went for Obama. Young people between 18-30 years old went for Obama. Any of these four breaks for the GOP tent, and the results last night would have been flip-flopped. If two of them went for Romney, a true conservative landslide would have resulted. All four of these groups went for Obama.

Just what happened? Besides having a terrific ground game, the Obama machine was successful in raising one red herring after another and forcing Romney off his game plan. There was the “war against women” issue that somehow caught the GOP flat-footed. Then there was the “war against Hispanics,” and Romney saying we should send illegals back to where they came from and have them get in the legal line. There was the “war against African-Americans,” famously echoed by the “Who me?” Joe Biden’s “they’re gonna put y’all back in chains.” And there was the “war against unions,” as highlighted by the auto bailout financed by the taxpayer, and Romney opting instead for a real-world business model that would best solve the auto crisis for the long term. Anyone say “union vote payback” for Obama’s keeping their status quo? Lastly was the “war against education,” especially higher education. This was not Romney’s brightest moment when he famously said students should not seek so much government help for college, but instead seek more personal bank loans, hit up the parents more, etc.  True, but though confession is good for the soul it’s not always needed.

How did the young take this? Not very good. This is a generation brought up by parents who hover over their kids like Midas over gold. The parents do not allow them to fail, to learn from mistakes, to earn their own way; to know the value of having become self-made. Thankfully, not all parents have done/do this, but most have and they continue to act this way. I’ve worked in higher education for years, earlier at Virginia Tech and lately at Liberty University, and I see this every day.  Obama is the ultimate helicopter parent to the nation’s young. He flies over regularly and his bag of goodies is deeper than Santa’s sack. The young voters know this, and they voted the way they’ve [too often] been raised.

And that, friends, is simply (as opposed to how Morris, Will, et al will diagram the plays) how Obama got enough of the youth vote, the female vote, the black vote, and the Hispanic vote.

How conservatives re-group and move forward will, in my view, mean the saving or the extinction of “the grand experiment” of America within the next few years.  President Obama (and the modern Democratic Party) love to sprinkle [unpaid for] gifts over the land like Tinker Bell sprinkled pixie dust, and the masses love him for it, but someone still has to be the adult in the room.

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