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Obama's Terrorist-Supporting Advisor Resigns But He's Set His Sights on Normalizing Islamic Radicalism in Texas


The terrorist sympathizer advising national security issues has resigned, but will now continue his caliphate operations against the people of Texas.

Mohamed Elibiary

After writing an in-depth report last week on how the U.S. government turned a blind eye to terrorist organizations in the U.S., one of the main subjects, Mohamed Elibiary, has officially resigned from his position as Homeland Security Adviser to the Obama administration.

Elibiary was the farthest thing from being a model government employee.

In fact the irony of the situation is frightening and has been one of the most detrimental issues to our homeland security. How is it even possible for a Department of Homeland Security Adviser to openly support terrorist organizations and the ideas of overthrowing western civilization?

[sharequote align="center"]Elibiary's work to Islamize the United States will never cease.[/sharequote]

The details surround Elibiary's resignation are in question. However, one thing is certain, conservatives were persistent about the removal of this ethical nightmare and made it known for years on social media. It's safe to speculate that with the ramped up pressure and his firestorm of controversy involving the Islamic State, that the mounting criticism was becoming a liability issue, not only to the Obama administration but to our national security.

Mohamed Elibiary Mohamed Elibiary

Now that Elibiary has resigned he's heading back to Texas to help form a new homeland security think tank. Presumably, this is just another scheme to further racialize and desensitize Texans to the hardline Islamic ideology.

Not all Texans are happy about his plans of coming back to the Dallas- Fort Worth area, and they have every right to be worried.

Elibiary founded Lone Star Intelligence LLC and has a hand in many organizations in Texas, including the North Texas Islamic Council, which he co-founded and serves as the director. Additionally, in 2002, he founded the Freedom and Justice Foundation, which is a Muslim nonprofit group that lobby's for Islamic religious rights and practices in the state of Texas.

As federal and state level governments persecute Christian religious practices, organizations such as Elibiarys are stepping in to push their Islamic practices into our public systems.

The Freedom and Justice Foundation successfully lobbied the passage of Texas's first Halal food law and for the institution of Islamic prayers that are recited by Imams in both chambers of the Texas State Legislature. This move will be his precedent to follow as he begins his next phase of work.

Elibiary's work to Islamize the United States will never cease. He may have left his position at the Department of Homeland Security, but now he will wage a new war against Texan's as he begins a new chapter for the caliphate.

Brian Kolfage retired from the Air Force after being severely wounded in Iraq and is a 2014 graduate of the University of Arizona's school of Architecture. Contact Brian at or Wounded American Warrior.

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