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Prince of the Nobel Peace Prize


Obama squanders $7 to $10 Million dollars a day to direct a war that cannot be bombed into victory.

Courtesy of Author.

Courtesy of Author. Courtesy of Author.

"We the people" need a chart to keep track of the bad guys, really despicable guys, and willing-to-fight-with-their-boots-on-the-ground guys. (This last group is quite small: starts and ends with the Kurds at the present time.)

THE HISTORY: First, the Retreater-in-Chief conjured up a new and imminent threat from a "barbarous" terrorist group as an excuse to expand his "kinetic military exercise" in Syria. Is this really a cohesive franchise of al-Qaeda terrorists? Or, simply a loosely aligned bunch of al-Qaeda bad guys from the Khorasan district who provide a convenient excuse to bomb in Syria without congressional approval?

BTW: The cost of the strategic bombing of mills and storage grain areas, small trucks, roof-top communication systems, and quite a few civilians is $7 to $10 million per day. We’ve been told this conflict could continue for a really, really, really long time. (In case you've forgotten, this fiasco is the creation of the Retreater-in-Chief who opened the door to ISIL -- the Islamic State of the Levant -- when he abandoned Iraq in 2011.)

THE COALITION: When Iran was approached to link up with America, the initial response was "HAHAHA, no way!" However, now Iran (who wants to obliterate their sworn enemy, the al-Qaeda fighters who moved into Syria from the Khorasan region) has reconsidered in return for nuclear development concessions. Secretary of State John Kerry, desperate for anything that looks like triumph, will beg his community-organizing boss to sign on the dotted line, even if the agreement includes no inspection, no economic sanctions, and gives Iran a seat in the Nuclear Club sooner rather than later. Kerry will enjoy a victory lap in the name of halting nuclear proliferation until Iran nukes Israel, when "faulty" intelligence will be blamed . . . as usual.

[sharequote align="center"]When Iran goes nuclear, Obama will blame "faulty" intelligence . . . as usual.[/sharequote]

Keep in mind that Iran is best pals and already fights alongside Syrian President Assad to purge Syria of ISIL. America’s bombing of ISIL and any al-Qaeda group (including those newly labeled as Khorasan) helps both Iran and Syria. Once all bad guys are obliterated, Assad will resume his slaughter of remnants of the Free Syrian Army. And then, Assad will continue to gas, shoot, and bomb his own citizens who have survived the multi-year civil war (claiming 170,000 victims so far).

At this point, the Free Syrian Army shows little enthusiasm to link up with America, Iran, and Assad as they go after ISIL. Understandably so. These Islamic terrorists are the only fighters ever to make inroads against Assad. What is the upside for killing the enemies of Assad, their sworn enemy? This will make Assad stronger, not weaker.

Obama et al, desperate for boots on the ground that aren’t filled with American feet, requests $500 million tax-payer dollars to train and arm 5,000 "vetted" members of the Free Syrian Army to be battle-ready in one year. So far, America has displayed minimal vetting skills. How likely is it that Syrian volunteers would be (in truth) Assad sympathizers? Plus, ISIL numbers approximately 30,000 soldiers. In one year their ranks probably will double, triple or quadruple, to completely overwhelm a small force of 5,000 Free Syrian Army fighters. Makes no sense whatsoever!

Courtesy of Author. Courtesy of Author.

Instead, why not focus on strengthening the boots-on-the-ground Kurdish warriors who are already in the fight? They need big guns and big tanks. Wouldn’t you rather spend $500 million of your tax dollars to support a dedicated group of soldiers who don’t run away from battle (like the Iraqis), but run toward it in order to clear their territory of vermin? Don't you wonder why the White House peace-and-puppy advocates refuse to support the Kurds?

The bigger questions remain: would America be a reliable partner for the Free Syrian Army? Or any group of Islamic fighters from either side (Sunni or Shia) in any battle? The answer is "No" if prior behavior is any indicator of the limp-wristed resolve on the part of our Retreater-in-Chief. However, on the other side of that coin, Obama’s cut-and-run tendencies would give a distinct advantage to Assad who, post ISIL, will resume butchering his opposition, unrestrained.

A QUICK REVIEW: Our Retreater-in-Chief, directed by his inexperienced advisors, in 2011, ordered the military to abandon/flee/retreat/quit (pick the verb of your choice) Iraq despite our enormous sacrifice of blood and treasure to oust Saddam and support a fledgling democracy. This led to a power vacuum filled by ISIL.

And then, to compound his senseless/stupid/idiotic/irrational (pick the adjective of your choice) abandonment of Iraq, Obama announced the date certain when our troops would withdraw from Afghanistan.

Wowzer! Islamic terrorists jumped up and down with glee that the leader of the most powerful country in the world was surrounded by an inner core of Ivy-League-doofus advisors, and displayed no common sense and no military expertise. Allah Akbar!


So far, the Prince of the Nobel Peace Prize has racked up an impressive "war" track record.

ONE: Launched a humanitarian air attack to free Libya, which resulted in the country’s collapse into the arms of Al Qaeda affiliates (and the mysterious disappearance of 1,200 surface to air missiles).

TWO: Threatened and wagged his finger at Russia’s Putin, then dithered as Russia took control of Crimea.

THREE: Threatened and wagged his finger at Putin (again), then sent food and blankets to help the Ukrainians push back. Didn’t work. Russia continues to nibble away at Ukraine, little bit by little bit.

Courtesy of Author. Courtesy of Author.

FOUR: Inherited a war in Iraq that had been won under the leadership of George W. Bush. Abandoned the country and watched (from his golf cart) as ISIL slaughtered civilians and beheaded Americans.

FIVE: Inherited a war in Afghanistan which he cedes back to the Taliban with a move-in date immediately after America moves out in 2016. (Note: The rumor mill is circulating a "leak" from the White House that a too-small-to-be-effective force of 10,000 troops may be left in Afghanistan.)

SIX AND SEVEN: Currently, the Prince of the Nobel Peace Prize launches his very own war in Iraq and Syria. With no boots on the ground (as per his promise), this becomes a lose-lose situation according to qualified military experts.

SCORE: Zero for seven.

Enraged citizens around the world, who have observed how the Prince of the Nobel Peace Prize has shifted from peace to war, demand the Nobel committee rescind his peace award.

Courtesy of Author. Courtesy of Author.

So, how is the Retreater-in-Chief dealing with the challenges he has created that result in plummeting poll numbers?

Obama advisors secretly plan a charm offensive via visits to late night TV to deny ownership of any action referred to as "w**," and blame his hand-picked advisors for giving him "faulty intelligence." He may even don an Elvis costume and break into song:

"It’s one for the money,

two for the show,

three to stop the 'overseas contingency terrorism flow,'

but don’t you call it w**, oh no.

Bad intel made it happen, yah, yah, don’cha know?"

And, just in case... Obama's locked his Nobel Peace Prize inside a troll-guarded vault along with his true birth certificate, college applications and transcripts, and travel records.

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