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Pro-Life Groups Deserve a Groveling Apology


It’s time to stop pleading “how could you?” and start demanding “how dare you?”

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After an undercover video showed Planned Parenthood official Dr. Debora Nucatola admit to using abortion mills as factories to produce salable baby parts for buyers by calculated partial birth abortions procedures, pro-lifers should have the confidence to never again bear the onus in the abortion debate.

The video has rattled many on the “Christian right,” even as they battle to protect religious freedom in the aftermath of a stunning Supreme Court ruling in favor of “marriage equality.” But we must resist the cowardly temptation to recoil in fear. On the contrary, it’s time to stop pleading “how could you?” and start demanding “how dare you?”

[sharequote align="center"]It’s time to stop pleading “how could you?” and start demanding “how dare you?”[/sharequote]

For decades, pro-life groups have scrambled to discredit Planned Parenthood, often by pointing to the organization’s founder, Margaret Sanger, who supported forcibly sterilizing “negroes” and other “feeble-minded” minorities (not just in theory; this was a practice right up until the 1970’s), and once even delivered a lecture for a Klu Klux Klan chapter, to enthusiastic applause (yes, you read all that right—follow the links).

In response, Planned Parenthood dismissed these facts because they don’t mind lying to cover up racism (remember how they make money selling baby parts? You think they’re big on honesty?), and Margaret Sanger is from, like, a long time ago.

Who cares? Planned Parenthood’s fault is in the grizzly violence of abortion itself, not (possible) racism. When pro-lifers go digging through historical records in search of racism, they may give the impression that they aren’t so much valiant in their pro-life stance as they are desperate in their anti-Planned Parenthood position.

The newly released undercover video offers a perfect answer to the question: What will it take to discredit, and ultimately defund, Planned Parenthood?

The long answer is: Another Margaret Sanger, but one who is current, and whose work is repulsive not because it is possibly racist, but because it reduces human beings to commodities in a multi-million dollar blood industry.

The short answer is: Abortion.

This week’s release of the undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress provides pro-life groups with both.

Screenshot via YouTube

Dr. Deborah Nucatola is a woman who manages to accentuate the barbarity of abortion by putting the procedure to use as a factory operation for the production of salable body parts—spelling the whole thing out between sips of wine and bites of salad in the style of Hannibal Lector discussing his favorite human flesh recipes.

Dr. Nucatola is also a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, whose president Cecile Richards (may she resign in shame) praises her as an “amazing” employee. And that wasn’t just a throw-away line. Richards apparently thinks highly enough of Nucatola that she has allowed her to regularly sound off on matters of contraception, miscarriages, sex, gender, abortion, and other topics in prominent publications for years—all while cannibalizing healthy unborn (and apparently partially born) infants for profit.

Here are just a few of the venues where Dr. Nucatola has been published, cited, or interviewed in the past four years alone:

In all of these appearances, Dr. Nucatola was introduced as “senior director for medical services for Planned Parenthood Federation of America.”

This prominent representative of Planned Parenthood is the same sharp-faced, smartly dressed woman who calmly describes how to use “ultrasound guidance” (so “they’ll know where they’re putting their forceps”) to “crush” only the unsalable body parts of an infant and avoid damaging the organs most in demand among her buyers.

Apparently the so-called “Christian right,” by far the best-represented demographic among Planned Parenthood foes, is on the “wrong side of history,” since it is still in 2008 (at which time Barack Obama himself still opposed gay “marriage”), whereas the massively pro-choice marriage equality movement that seeks to undermine religious liberty is on the right side of history, since it is living in Herod’s Palestine, circa 1 AD.

This expose isn't just a vindication of pro-life Christians. If you are agnostic about religious liberty, let this video remind you that it's the opponants of Planned Parenthood's barbarity who are currently being silenced and threatened by the totalitarian "marriage equality" movement.

If you are a Christian yourself but feel timid, just ask yourself: If you and your pro-life fellow believers are silenced, how many defenders of the unborn will be left? If you don't defend yourself and your Church, you're not turning the other cheek; you're abandoning the defenseless.

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