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Sharing a Foxhole with Allen West


Allen West is a man with whom I would gladly share a foxhole. He’s been in many of them over the years – both as a decorated combat veteran and more recently as a Member of Congress from Florida. And when the going gets tough, he is usually the very first of the tough to get going, inspiring and leading others to do the same.

In addition to his natural leadership abilities, Rep. West has an extraordinary grasp of history, its lessons and the importance of not repeating our predecessors’ mistakes. His ability to communicate these insights is similarly exceptional. Last year, in honoring House Armed Services Chairman Howard ‘Buck’ McKeon, we at the Center for Security Policy could find no one better than Allen West to deliver a sterling, improvised benediction. That brief speech—encapsulating two centuries of American military history—is a monument of the power of forthrightness in advocating for peace through strength in the Reagan tradition.

Perhaps most importantly, Allen West has a well-calibrated and utterly dependable moral compass. Most notably, he has addressed with a clarity and integrity virtually unknown these days in official Washington about the threat posed by shariah – the totalitarian, supremacist Islamic ideology that animates and justifies jihad – and by its adherents. He has taken to task those in positions of power who, by their passivity or active support, are enabling the steady advance of such enemies, both abroad and here. This year, Rep. West rated as a 'Champion of National Security' in our Center for Security Policy Congressional Scorecard with a rating of 100 percent.

For all these reasons, Allen West has millions of devoted followers around the country. But he also has powerful enemies. And defeating him in this year’s election was a top priority of Democratic operatives and Islamists alike.

As a result, Rep. West finds himself in the fight of his life at the moment. I hope that everyone who cares about freedom and understands the urgent need for national leadership to safeguard it will support him as he battles to ensure that every vote in his congressional district is properly counted and accurately reported.

The trouble is that Congressman West’s reelection campaign is facing what appear to be a number of irregularities in the counting of ballots, particularly in St. Lucie County, that may explain how he went from a narrow lead to trailing his opponent by roughly 2400 votes.Understandably, he has asked for a full recount of every vote in that county and that it be conducted by hand under appropriate monitoring.

Unless and until that thorough accounting is completed, Allen West needs all of us in his foxhole or otherwise providing the supporting fire that he needs now, and so fully deserves.

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