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Sit Back and Enjoy The Show: Left-Wing Cannibalism Devours Hollywood
Host Chris Rock speaks at the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Sit Back and Enjoy The Show: Left-Wing Cannibalism Devours Hollywood

Left-wing activism, fueled by identity politics, grievances, and entitlement run amok has finally moved beyond its traditional bogey man, the Right, to devour on the very progressive forces that made them.

When Chris Rock stepped out on stage at Oscar night, the white Hollywood community knew it would have its hands full.

Rock delivered his opening monologue with a disarming smile and just enough jocularity to bridge the chasm of social commentary and comedy...even if after a while it migrated into the "okay, we get it already" category.

Part of the fun for me was to watch the left devour their own. It's happening more and more these days.

Host Chris Rock speaks at the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Liberal fascists have been practicing cannibalism on the college campus for a while now. And it's been fine entertainment to see the left-wing administrators squirm when the Generation Helmet Tasmanian devils of grievance, entitlement, identity politics, and radicalism they helped to cultivate turn on them in a never-ending hunt for fresh meat. The intellectual level of the student gangs is more akin to a Simpsons angry mob than any serious protests. They're chanting about "microaggression" and "trigger warnings" and even ousting administrators, some of whom themselves protested on these same campuses 40 years before.

I guess when you live in a country in which affluence and personal freedom is at a level never before seen in human history, where cognizance of race, gender, sexual orientation and general sensitivities have been so overly codified that there are no institutionalized injustices left to protest, what's a wannabe student activist to do? In today's America most systemic problems of the perpetual underclass are a function of poor choices rather than "white privilege" or Jim Crow.

Still, all that youthful verve to "change the world" has to find an outlet somewhere. So now we see students of Yale--that most exclusive and privileged of institutions--demanding a Master of Silliman College resign for daring to tell the delicate snowflakes to grin and bear it if an innocuous Halloween costume bothers them.

At Mizzou we see a leftist communications assistant professor assault a student reporter. We see black students across the country who claim the mantle of Dr. Martin Luther King and his contemporaries who fought genuine discrimination and waged real battles to desegregate schools, lunch counters, buses, water fountains, etc. demanding the re-institution of segregation in the form of separate black dorms, clubs, and safe spaces.

Ah, you've come a long way, babies.

Thus the audience's collective discomfort as they endured Rock's racial pillorying on Oscar night. Hollywood, wherein just two years ago the movie "Twelve Years A Slave" -- produced and directed by African-American Steve McQueen -- won three Academy Awards, including best picture, now finds itself under assault by the forces of identity, grievance and entitlement they have promulgated.

The irony is just too delicious.

For years Hollywood has shown the white man as an oppressive monster against natives and minorities be they Native Americans ("Dances With Wolves" and "Pocahontas") to African-Americans ("Amistad" and "Django Unchained"). Is it any surprise that the insular white Hollywood liberals whose products are often veiled lectures to the knuckle-dragging, gun-toting religious wacko masses on political correctness, suddenly discover that the victims they have inflamed into such a sense of persecution are taking critical aim at that whitest of industries: movie-making?

Such perceived incongruity only exists in the minds of those who live inside one of the limousine liberal bubbles scattered about from glitzy Hollywood to the leafy suburbs of the Northeast. The biggest myth circulating among these leftist paddocks is that liberals are not racist like those evil conservatives whom they regularly paint as George Wallace's direct descendants.

Just take a stroll through a residential section of my affluent New Jersey town and chat up someone dragging their recycling to the shaded curbside, with four, five, six bedroom homes looming as a backdrop. The more liberal residents will happily tell you how colorblind they are.

"Why, we hosted a fund-raiser for Cory Booker just last week," they might say with smug satisfaction.

But then ask: where are your black neighbors? My own town is 90 percent white, 3 percent African-American. Yet you will hear many of the more activist Democrats (the ones who were such in-your-face Obama supporters in past elections) giving stirring cocktail party lectures on inclusion and diversity.

But in the end, people vote with their feet. And these cloistered liberals choose to live far away from the minorities whose causes they champion...even though the ethnic melting pot of the Bronx is a mere 25 miles away. No, for the "COEXIST" sticker on the BMW bumper crowd, "diversity" is just a state of mind; it is not a lived experience.

So why, then, is the Academy surprised when even a Hollywood megastar like Chris Rock senses an undercurrent of racist predilections among his self-proclaimed white soul mates? Perhaps we shouldn't dismiss what Rock and other black performers are claiming out of hand. Because really all they are saying is this: rich, white, obnoxiously self-righteous Hollywood liberals can be racists too. Welcome to the party.

A side note...

One thing Rock did say was absolutely wrong: "This year, in the In Memoriam package,” he joked, “it’s just going to be black people that were shot by the cops on their way to the movies … yes I said it!”

Facts are stubborn things…even more so than a blatant lie like Ferguson that just won’t die. And fact is that, according to the left-wing Guardian: "Among the first 500 deaths [police killings in 2015] 49.6 percent of people were white, 28.2 percent were black and 14.8 percent were Hispanic/Latino."

According to FBI statistics, from 2011 to 2013, 38.5 percent of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were black, though they are just 13 percent of the population. When you account for the fact that black males aged 15-34, who make up just three percent of the population, are responsible for the vast majority of these crimes, the figures are even more staggering. With such crime figures as a backdrop, that 28.2 percent Guardian number tells a story of police restraint rather than open season on blacks.

Still, just for laughs the black comedian-host could have also offered that after the black victims of cops run their course, they would then show a montage of the 89.6 percent of black homicide victims who were killed by other blacks between 2009 and 2012...but of course, that would have been unfeasible as we'd still be rolling through all those tragic faces as I write this...yes I said it!

Maybe when it comes to “Black Lives Matter,” Chris Rock and the bewildered Hollywood elites who are so much better at pointing out "racists" than fielding such accusations themselves, should ask to whom, exactly, do black lives matter these days? They don't seem to matter to white liberals if their choice of neighborhoods are any guide (see: voting habits of wealthiest zip codes.) In the end good schools and rising home values are what really count for them. Apparently, though, black lives don't even matter much to the many blacks who slaughter each other wholesale.

But there's no punch line for Rock to mine here, so it didn't make the Oscar monologue. Maybe next year.

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