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The Conservative Plan for Immigration Reform

The Conservative Plan for Immigration Reform

This is a plan that every American, including the 12 million newly-made legal immigrants should readily accept.

Wayne Allyn Root's latest book  The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide is out now.

The Obama machine and mainstream media lies about immigration. They frame the debate as having only two options: the Democrat way, let everyone in and put them all on welfare; or the supposed Republican way, keep everyone out and send those already here, home. That is a blatant lie.

The second Obama lie is that there is only one definition of compromise: agree with Democrats on everything! How absurd. How is that "compromise?"

If the GOP agrees to this Democratic version of "compromise" the U.S. economy will be damaged beyond repair. We are already a bankrupt nation with over $100 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities. Letting in millions of new poor, uneducated, low skill immigrants in the middle of an economic depression and jobs crisis, as well as giving them access to welfare and Obamacare, can only be described as “the end of America.” It is a disaster for the middle class in terms of jobs competition, the lowering of wages, and the cost of taxes to pay for the new entitlement bills.

US Border Patrol agent Jerry Conlin looks out over Tijuana, Mexico, behind, along the old border wall along the US - Mexico border Thursday, June 13, 2013, where it ends at the base of a hill in San Diego.( Credit: AP) 

But, there is a simple and truly fair compromise that is based on the practical advice from my latest book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide. Republicans, conservatives and Libertarians have to be blind or idiots not to support it.

If Democrats want the 12 million illegal immigrants already here to stay, I say “YES.”  But only if Democrats agree to these key points of compromise:

*Note this is a plan that every American, including the 12 million newly-made legal immigrants should readily accept.

A. A 100% sealed border. Approved not by Homeland Security, or the Obama administration, but by Congress. Dept of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano cannot over-rule the fence or new security measures. Until that happens, no one is legalized. Once made legal, the 12 million certainly don’t want another 12 million battling them for jobs.

B. End birthright citizenship. Never again can someone come here illegally, give birth, and think that child is a legal American. The millions of children here today get in (with military service), but no one else ever again.

C. No Obamacare for the 12 million. The IRS estimates health insurance will cost $20,000 per year by 2016 because of this Obamacare monstrosity. You do the math. 12 million times $20,000= $240 billion per YEAR. That would cause the final collapse of the U.S. economy.

D. None of the 12 million can collect entitlements. (Except for Social Security, but only after they've worked for many years and have paid for it.) Period.

Conservatives like me aren't against immigrants. I love immigrants. Legal immigrants who come to America to work are the lifeblood of America. But I draw the line at someone who comes here to live off government. We can't allow that. Not with $100 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities already on the books. The new debt would push us over the edge. Conservatives will let immigrants in if you’re a taxpayer and contributor, but we're not going to let you in if you’ve come here to be a taxpayer drain. We're not fools.

Can you imagine someone breaking into your restaurant and greeting you in the morning when you open the door by demanding you take care of them with free food, housing, education, medical, and cash for life? Democrats think that’s “fair.” Most Americans don’t.

We’re not going to arrest or deport you, but we certainly won’t allow you to overwhelm our system and raise our taxes and debt in the bargain. If those who came into this country illegally are willing to give up welfare and all entitlements, they should be able to stay and never again have to fear that knock on the door, or possible separation from their family. You are in America for good. You won the lottery. If those who entered this country illegally are not willing to accept that deal, there is not another.

E. I’ll even go a step further with my deal: In return for agreeing to never accept welfare, you do not owe back taxes. A compromise more realistic than expecting all those here illegally to pay the back taxes they owe. Those new to the system hoping to become a legal resident will get a work card and pay taxes moving forward. America is fair and beyond generous. But no welfare. Ever.

F. As part of this deal, English becomes the official language of America. If you want to stay, you have to learn English. You have to vote in English. You have to learn English to survive in this country. But no one will ever learn unless you take away the options.

G. You go to the end of the line for citizenship. You get a work card and become a legal resident. You pay taxes. You learn English and American history. But, you EARN citizenship over a very long period of time and you get in line with the millions of others who are being legally admitted. And you cannot vote.

H. All the extras are cut out of this 1000 page bill. This bill is about immigration, not pumping up government spending or Las Vegas tourism. This attitude is what bankrupted America in the first place.

The left's approach on this issue is impractical, and will bankrupt this country. I believe the vast majority of the 12 million who broke the law will gladly accept the conservative deal and praise those who "compromised" for their benefit. No other country in the world would offer this deal. Certainly not Mexico.

Conservatives are not against immigration reform, or against compromise. Those are blatant lies. But first the borders must be 100% sealed. Then you get it, but only if you're here to work. This is how you "compromise" to get immigration reform for 12 million illegal immigrants already here. Let Obama and the Democrats explain to those 12 million why they are unwilling to accept this "compromise" and would rather leave them and their families in the shadows, unable to get legal U.S. jobs, and facing arrest and deportation. Is welfare that important to illegal immigrants? If it is, then we can’t allow you in.

One last comment. If any GOP lawmaker is dumb enough to simply roll over and agree to Obama and the Democrats' definition of "compromise" on this issue, they have proven to be nothing but short-sighted, greedy politicians who care only about their re-election, care nothing about the American taxpayer, and they must be booted out of office, IMMEDIATELY!

A similar opinion column appeared on Human Events.


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