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The Future Predictive Scenario – The Hunger Games
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The Future Predictive Scenario – The Hunger Games

National leaders and big marketers also have been seized control over food, farms, livestock and production in lieu of "national defense and resources preparedness."

In post-apocalyptic North America, the Capitol composed of the elite and the rich, controls 12 Districts of Panem. Every year, two representatives from each district are chosen, one boy and one girl, to compete for food supply, thrown in the arena created by the Capitol to fight. Only can be the winner. They called it – Hunger Games.

Based on Suzanne Collins’ trilogy novel, "The Hunger Games" has created immense popularity among movie and novel enthusiasts. But for some, it has drawn fears and futuristic theories. They fear that Hunger Games can be our future predictive scenario. Who wouldn’t blink at an idea like this?

World hunger, in its basic definition, is the want and scarcity of food aggregated to the world level. Evidently, a disparity between human and food resources can cause unparalleled precondition – hunger revolution. Now, with a place ravaged by war, greed, statuses, and human right abuses, ask yourselves, “Are you the next Katniss and Peeta? Or are you part of the Capitol using food hoarding and killing as form of entertainment?”

Photo Credit: HungerGames.com
The Hunger Games Has Gotten Real

In a world of more than 7 billion people from 7 continents, as estimated by worldometer.info, more than 18,000 people from all over the world die every day - 20 percent of which died from hunger.

To give you a more comprehensive statistics, one out of eight people in the world does not have enough to eat and haven’t eaten meat. And every five seconds, in just a matter of a blink of an eye, a child dies from hunger. The immune systems of others are powered down by malnutrition, leaving the door wide open for deadly diseases. Some hungry people were involved in cases like burglaries and murders in hope of desperately feeding themselves, families and loved ones.

Well, in more recent years, conventional wisdom has taken hold, aiming to give solutions to the perceived unsustainable resources of the coming years like planting trees as solution to the world hunger , eating insects to supplement diet and dreadfully confiscating the wealth of three richest men of the world and distributing it to the least developing countries. To satisfy the world’s food requirement would cost $13 Billion, the same cost as people from all over the world spend on perfume each year. It all sounds promising. Though, many backing efforts have been made to way out world hunger, these do not ensure total resurgence but efforts (hopefully) can be made as close to necessary as possible.

The Power Story

Many people have argued it can’t happen in real life but one way or another, it has - a long time ago, probably, since the dawn of humanity.  This is when hunger is equal to power. Hunger gives you a strong drive to have what you don’t have – food, control, resources and freedom.

In ancient Rome, gladiators, slaves and prisoners battled wild animals and each other to gruesome death and were a popular form of entertainment for the Roman leaders. In medieval times, in order for you to eat and continue living involves nearly unimaginable torture and slavery. The only difference is that they did not have cameras and cable television back then.

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Today, unknowingly, many people live the same condition as immemorial people have lived under tyranny repeatedly. The common thread is there will always be people who want to control the world and force the less fortunate to live on their knees. Take the case of slavery in Africa for example. Millions of people are being trade in exchange of debts and make them work involuntarily. In this way, the leaders were able to control the population and hunger.

National leaders and big marketers also have been seized control over food, farms, livestock and production in lieu of “national defense and resources preparedness.” Also, the latter does prove that until recently, most of the societies were still cool with watching other people die and consider it entertaining. With these, we can imagine those in power to put us in the arena and fight to death for our own food.

They say, before going to a journey of survival, dig two graves. Be prepared for the terrifying and scientifically plausible future scenarios like that of the Hunger Games. The plot of the movie may be far from conceivable scenarios but the meat and potatoes of life say otherwise. Humanity always seems to bring out the worst in itself when angry, scared and desperate. We know what humanity is capable of, and has committed, acts worse than anything in the Hunger Games.

Go on, continue living, and may we shift the odds in our favor.

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