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The Government = Shut Down. Comedy Videos = Open For Business!


I bet President Obama isn't laughing at Conan O'Brien's jokes this week.

Photo Credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP

Spoiler Alert: In case you haven’t read or watched anything anywhere over the last week, it seems the government has come to a screeching halt! While lawmakers go back and forth, staying in shape through the political cross training of pointing fingers and dodging blame, the wonderful world of comedy has been working overtime to help you find a way to turn your frustration into FUNstration! Since it’s becoming harder and harder to laugh with Washington, we might as well laugh at them.

The Obamacare debate is the kind of news story that "Saturday Night Live" dreams about (especially the guy who does Obama’s impression), and they wasted no time in hitting it head on with last week’s show opener.



OK, so now that "SNL" stole 6 minutes and 57 seconds of your life parodying the Obamacare issue, here’s a look at how some are dealing with the aftermath of the government shut down. First up, Stephen Colbert.


The Colbert Report

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For a different take with a funny accent, we head over to "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson." I know he’s Scottish, but he became a citizen in February 2008, so I guess he gets to take shots along with everybody else.



And finally, Conan O’Brien (yes he’s still on TV) does the only thing the president of a late night talk show can do in these trying times. He tightens his show’s belt by letting go of some non-essential workers. And remember — no matter how serious the issue, if we don’t laugh, we cry.


Feature Photo Credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP

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