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The Hypocrisy of Obama's Democracy

The Hypocrisy of Obama's Democracy

I call on the U.S. to stand by those who share your principles of freedom and democracy, and that is not the Moslem Brotherhood and their puppet president.

Egyptian supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood shout slogans as they rally in support of deposed president Mohamed Morsi outside Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque late on July 7, 2013. Sixteen Islamist activists were shot dead during clashes with the police in the vicinity of the mosque early on July 8, a Muslim Brotherhood spokeman said.(Credit: AFP/Getty Images )

It is with total frustration that I watch the hypocrisy of the current U.S. administration under the Obamacons preach their love of democracy while supporting the gang of the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt.

What is happening now in Egypt throughout its major cities and all of its provinces is a total rejection of extremist religious oppression disguised under a thin veil of “democracy” called ballot boxes. Egyptians realized that democracy in its totality is not simply going to the polls. We all know too well how polling day is a day that can be manipulated in so many ways that it cannot be the only barometer for a democracy.

Egypt's revolution was ignited and led by a younger generation that wanted to see true democracy and freedom flourish in Egypt. I say clearly now that under the Mubarak rule these younger people were safer and freer than they were under the rule of the Moslem Brotherhood and its puppet president, Morsi.

Today these same young people who had their revolution highjacked, stolen and confiscated by the Moslem Brotherhood are angry and they are joined now by just about every segment of Egyptian society, rejecting the backward oppressive theocracy that is being put in place throughout Egypt.

Let's be straight about this uprising. Egypt is revolting against a fascist religious president, a product of an international cult called the Moslem Brotherhood that not only poses a threat to Egypt, but also represents a clear and present danger to the security of the United States and its allies in the Middle East.

Like a fascist dictator before him in 1933, Morsi came to power through the ballot box with a razor thin margin. Like the fascist dictator before him, he too believes that Jews are the descendants of pigs and apes.

While Morsi promised democracy and development, he and his gang moved quickly to grab total power to insulate himself and his faction beyond any judicial review that is the corner stone in any true democracy. He then rushed through a constitution that was drafted by his Islamist faction alone, violated basic international principles of human rights, and excluded the vast majority of the rest of Egypt’s society.

The Moslem Brotherhood and its Islamist allies want to reshape Egypt into an Islamic Republic like Iran. Holding elections like Iran, but controlled by a rigid theocratic hierarchy with the Brotherhood guide as the ultimate arbitrator of true power – like Iran. That form of “democracy” would repress the majority of Egyptian Moslems and Christians alike while posing a grave and present danger to the West in general, and the U.S. in particular.

The Obama hypocrisy of democracy is stripping the United States of any credibility it has left in the region.

I call on the U.S. to stand by those who share your principles of freedom and democracy, and that is not the Moslem Brotherhood and their puppet president.

It is time to push for genuine constitutional democracy and stand by the brave Egyptians and the military that represent Egypt’s last bastion of defense against religious fascism.

Just think, if this was 1933 all over again, would we have faulted the German military if they had overthrown Hitler and his Nazi party just because they were “democratically” elected?


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