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The Obama Administration Is All About Failing Up

The Obama Administration Is All About Failing Up

If you suck at your job and are willing to lie through your teeth, I've got good news.

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The Obama administration is all about failing up. If you have lied to the American people, overseen policies that resulted in the deaths of American citizens, created other policies that have undermined American law and interests, screwed up royally, and covered up your actions, then you are primed for position and promotion in the Obama administration.

The most recent example of failing up is Susan Rice. Rice is, of course, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations who was wheeled out on September 15th of last year on five Sunday morning show to peddle a whopper of a lie. She said that they believed the terror attack in Benghazi (which they all knew at the time was a terror attack committed by forces linked to al Qaeda) was simply a "spontaneous demonstration as a result of what had transpired in Cairo," and she explicitly blamed an obscure YouTube video. That was a lie, she knew it was a lie, everyone around her knew it was a lie, and she said it anyway.

Now she's getting rewarded with a big promotion to National Security Adviser. That gig requires no Senate confirmation, so she's in. Great work if you can get it.

Taking her place at the UN will be Samantha Power, the wife of Obama's radical regulatory czar Cass Sunstein. Power is the one who came up with the basis for our disastrous intervention in Libya---which ultimately led to the Benghazi attack and the deaths of those four brave Americans. Called "Responsibility to Protect," Power's doctrine argues that the U.S. has a moral responsibility to intervene anywhere there is a slaughter or the potential of slaughter (whether our strategic interests are involved or not). She successfully argued "R2P" (as it's known) and Obama led the NATO operation that helped to overthrow Moammar Qaddafi (who had not initiated an assault against his people). Qaddafi fell, was killed, and then we went on a social engineering experiment that led to the outpost in Benghazi and probable gunrunning out of Libya to...Syria. Which bring us to....Syria. If Power's "R2P" were applied consistently, then Obama should have intervened there 2 years ago, when Assad's slaughter began. There is still no intervention there, 70,000 to 80,000 lives later. I'm not arguing for intervention---in fact, I don't think we should be injecting ourselves in that Arab civil war. But there is no consistency in policy: intervene in Libya where there was no slaughter, but don't intervene in Syria where there is an actual slaughter. Whatever exists of an Obama "doctrine" (which is quite a mess and is resulting in the rise of anti-American regimes and forces around the world) is Samantha Power's worldview. Lord help us, now she's going to be our UN Ambassador. Failing upward!

Not to mention Victoria Nuland, who led the charge in demanding the edits to the Benghazi "talking points" documents that protected "her building's leadership." She's now being promoted to Assistant Secretary of State.

Top IRS officials who oversaw the targeting of conservative and patriot groups remain in their jobs, and those who aren't still employed by the IRS were scheduled to leave and retire anyway. Lois Lerner, a major villain in this scandal, is on "administrative leave" while still drawing her $177,000 salary. Paid by you. (You may want to work a little harder.)

And don't forget that several of the officials overseeing Fast and Furious in Arizona---which resulted in the deaths of two brave Americans---were merely shuffled around to different jobs. Not fired, not held accountable, just moved around.

If you suck at your job and are willing to lie through your teeth, I've got good news. In this horrendous Obama Economy, you can always get a job among your fellow liars in the Obama administration. You might even get promoted.

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