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To Begin the World Over Again

To Begin the World Over Again

As General George Washington's men were freezing in the snow at Valley Forge, Thomas Paine told his fellow Americans: "We have it in our power to

begin the world over again."

And so it is with us today.

The conventional wisdom is that the Founding Fathers gave us three branches of government. Not true. They gave us four: the executive, the legislative, the judiciary...and us. The American people. As Thomas Jefferson once said, "Should things go wrong at any time, the people will set them to rights by the peaceable exercise of their elective rights."

The founders vested us with the power to change our government and the direction of the nation because they feared that one day, the three other branches would be in the crapper. That day has arrived: the presidency is held by a radical redistributionist, the Congress cannot stop itself from spending us into oblivion, and the courts are legislating left-wing insanity from the bench. All three branches are engaged in social engineering in every part of American life, in violation of the essential freedoms the founders risked their lives to give to us.

It is now up to the founders' stealth fourth branch to stop it.

And we will. Because we have already taken giant steps to do so. The Great Silent Majority 2.0 is alive and well...and we've been actively and passionately working to take our country back from the far-left kooks since the day the far-left kooks assumed power.

Barack Obama became president in January 2009. From that moment on, every single time the American people have had a chance to go to the polls---not talk to a pollster, not have the media interpret what they think we believe---but every time we've had a chance to go to the polls and render a verdict on Obama, the kooks, and the direction they've been taking the country, we have rejected it...and we have chosen the other path.

Here is the patriots' timeline:

  • January 2009: Obama becomes president.

  • November 2009: Two gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey.  Both go Republican (Bob McDonell in VA, Chris Christie in NJ)

  • January 2010: Special Senate race in Massachusetts to replace the deceased far-left progressive, Ted Kennedy. The seat goes Republican, to Scott Brown.

  • November 2010: Midterm elections, the House flips to Republican control, the GOP picks up seats in the Senate and governorships across the country, and Barack Obama's old Senate seat in Illinois...goes Republican, to Mark Kirk.

  • September 2011: Special Congressional race in New York to replace the disgraced Democrat Anthony Weiner. The seat goes Republican, to Bob Turner.

  • June 2012: Special recall election of Republican Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Walker triumphs, beating his Democrat challenger by 8 points.

The Republican victories and the defeats of the kooks did not just occur in red states or even just in red and purple states. They happened in the deepest of deep-blue states: New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois and Wisconsin, the very birthplace of progressivism. The American people have had enough of the ravaging of the taxpayer and the nation by the far-left, and every single time we've had a chance to reject it, we have done so. Resoundingly. Every single time.

And we will do so again tomorrow. We will "begin the world over again." We will not let the Founders down. We will be the stealth fourth branch of government: a government of, by, and for the people.


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