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We Shall Call Him “Resident Obama”


Obama is under the mistaken impression that it is his job that gives him credibility.  It’s not occurred to him that credibility was an attribute he needed to bring to the job.

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Upon winning election to the highest office in the land, Mr. Barack Obama declared that he intended to fundamentally transform America.  Mission accomplished.

America is no longer a model for prosperity as unemployment has only dropped one-tenth of 1 percent for every year Obama has occupied the Oval office.

Individual freedoms are no longer more guaranteed here than in any other nation in the world as demonstrated by the draconian law, Obamacare.  It’s a law that elites have sought and received exemptions.  It’s also a law that a vast majority of Americans have never wanted.

And America is no longer that beacon of freedom, shinning to the world’s oppressed and down-trodden.  Just ask the families of those slaughtered in Iran’s Green Revolution, the people of Libya and Egypt and the real rebels in Syria, if Obama has lived up to the freedom-promoting standards set by previous American presidents.

If only Obama’s transgressions stopped there.  But he has not only transformed America, he’s tried to redefine the office that he holds.

Let’s just set aside the copious rounds of golf while Americans suffer.  Let’s ignore the numerous opulent vacations taken by the Obamas.  Let’s forget the party atmosphere at the “People’s House” these last five years with a steady stream of singers, violence promoting rap artists and Hollywood heavyweights.  Let’s focus on how Mr. Obama has approached his job.  Ecclesiastes says, “To everything there is a season,” but not for Mr. Obama.

In fact, even after winning election twice, Obama has consistently stuck to what he does best, campaigning.  This tactic has enabled President Obama to push for, impose and sign into law destructive policies that nobody seems to associate with him.  He’s also been the most partisan president in memory as he never misses an opportunity to belittle, misrepresent and condescend to the GOP, even in situations where past presidents would have been more statesman-like. Imagine being Paul Ryan or a Supreme Court Justice and having the occupier of the Oval Office single you out rather than looking for common ground or remembering the separation of powers outlined in the Constitution.

In his latest address on the economy, dubbed a five year anniversary speech on the economic crisis, Obama just bashed Republicans again.  We were treated to another repackaged speech that has been delivered, in one form or another, throughout Obama’s entire failed term in office.  Obama blamed the results from his policies on Republicans.  A day before Mr. Obama stomped his feet, refusing to address America’s debt crisis saying, "What I haven’t been willing to negotiate, and I will not negotiate, is on the debt ceiling."

While he bashes Republicans for not seeing things his way, he simultaneously insists he won’t give an inch to Republicans.  Many Obama supporters will gripe that Obama’s detractors have few nice things to say of him.  That may be true.  But those detractors were not elected president.

Even President George W. Bush, after enduring vile and unfair slurs from the left, knew when it was time to govern.  Mr. Obama hasn’t received the memo.

Obama is under the mistaken impression that it is his job that gives him credibility.  It’s not occurred to him that credibility was an attribute he needed to bring to the job.  No greater example exists of Obama’s attempted reformation of the office of President than an American foreign policy in shambles.

We’ve watched the “lead from behind” approach taken by Obama yield expected results.  For the first time in history we have a person elected to the highest office in the land who doesn’t believe in America’s foundational values.  For the first time we have an alleged leader who views America as a force of “bad” in the world not a force for “good”.

Obama withdrew American troops without a status of forces agreement in Iraq to guard the peace won through President Bush’s surge.  That country has descended into chaos, death and Iranian influence.

Libya is a country in turmoil, a breeding ground and safe-haven for the terrorists who murdered four Americans in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012.

And Obama’s dithering in Syria has robbed the American people the opportunity to influence a hotbed of terror.

Obama missed a shot at dealing a huge blow to Iran and Russia.  His inaction has ensured that the only boots on the ground in opposition to the dictator Bashar al-Assad belong to Al Qaeda.  Obama is so weak that he drew a “red line” for the use of chemical weapons in Syria during campaign 2012.  When weapons were used, his only recourse was to try and convince Americans that he never drew the “red line” in the first place.

Mr. Obama is too cool.  He’s too cool to be bothered with the traditions and conventions that have governed past presidents.  He has set out to transform America and in turn has attempted to lower expectations for the office of president.

In truth, there is nothing special about Barack Obama. He’s a committed extremist liberal. He is a simple politician, a rank partisan and an unserious man who seems content to host parties at the White House and watch America and the world burn.

Unfortunately for Mr. Obama, the office of president is not his to change.  In fact, that office of President belongs to “We the People.”  It is we who set the standards and expectations for our presidents.  Those expectations extend beyond two election days.

Since Mr. Obama refuses to behave in the manner commensurate with the office of President of the United States, I think we are under no obligation to bestow that honor upon him.  Don't get me wrong, he does deserve a title.  He has three more years to unleash his destructive policies on us.  We can’t very well call him “Obama” the entire time.

I toiled, looking for an appropriate title, for the occupier of the Oval Office.  I thought of “used-car-salesmen.”  It’s been done.  I thought of “Amway salesmen.”  But Amway is a successful enterprise, not worthy of Obama.  I credit the audience of the Jay Severin Show for the winning term.  Obama is simply taking up space and being a general nuisance, like the Occupy Wall Street crowd with whom he shares much affection and common ideology.

Hence forth, Obama will be known as “Resident Obama Occupier of the People’s House,” or “Resident Obama” for short.  If you think about it, it fits.

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