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'Guilty until proven innocent': College students react to Mueller report

Elijah Schaffer

What are they teaching students at USC?

"Slightly Offens*ve" host Elijah Schaffer and journalist Michael A. (@the_blackmic) headed out to the University of Southern California campus to ask students for their thoughts on special counsel Robert Mueller's report, which did not find collusion between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

Here are a few of their reactions:

  • "You know, guilty until proven innocent."
  • "I don't buy it ... because a lot of people went to jail or were indicted."
  • "It's not fair."
  • "I don't trust anything that they're saying."
  • "He [Donald Trump] should get out of the White House, like because he's not making our community better. Like, he's putting down our people. Like, people want to do more things and, like, they can't because of his opinion."
  • "If there's no collusion, might as well see what they did find."
  • "Since he's a white Republican, he can't, like, he's just got his own ways ... like violence and other things, like building the wall."
  • "Trump is guilty as f***."
  • "I honestly haven't been this happy since the election."
  • "Wasn't [Rachel Maddow] getting all emotional about the fact that the president didn't commit treason? What kind of a world do we live in where you get upset that the most powerful man in the free world didn't do something that was, like, heinous?"
  • "America, ask more questions!"

Watch the video below:

College Students Confront the Mueller Report | Social Exp #3

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