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WATCH: Outraged protesters march on border patrol — and ironically can't get past front gate

Elijah Schaffer
Image source: Youtube screensave

Written by Michael Ayetiwa

Recently, outraged protesters marched in San Diego to confront border patrol agents. Ironically, their entire protest was put to an end because they couldn't get past the front gates.

Elijah Schaffer, host of the Youtube channel "Slightly Offens*ve," joined the march to investigate what exactly the marchers were protesting.

"This is native land. There ain't no border on native land," said one of the protesters to Schaffer. "If you're supporting racism, you're not welcome here."

"Who is supporting racism particularly?" asked Schaffer. "Trump" seemed to be the go-to answer.

Organizations within the group also repeatedly told Schaffer that they were involved with and supported both Communism and Socialist ideals.

When the march finally reached the California Border Patrol, the protesters realized they were unable to fully approach the organization due to a large metal fence blocking the protesters from entering into the facility.

Schaffer spoke with another marcher about the goal of the protest. "What's the best alternative or outcome for this protest that you would say?" he asked.

"Well, hopefully people wake up and start seeing how Trump is just dividing the people instead of bringing us together. He says 'America First,' but he's putting America last .... Hopefully they come over here and become people within society."

"Legally or illegally?" asked Schaffer.

"No one's illegal on stolen land," answered the man.

Find more "Slightly Offens*ve" on Youtube.

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