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Fani Willis and black Democrats are the most racist people in America
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Fani Willis and black Democrats are the most racist people in America

The prosecution in Georgia of former President Trump for alleged election interference is predicated on racial animus. But America loves its racial hoaxes.

As expected, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee granted District Attorney Fani Willis permission to continue her racial hoax against Donald Trump.

McAfee ruled Friday morning that Willis’ affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade was not a significant enough indiscretion to disqualify her from prosecuting Trump. McAfee gave Willis the option of removing herself or Wade from the Atlanta show trial. Willis, of course, will remove Wade and soldier on in the far-fetched RICO case she’s brought against Trump and 13 “co-conspirators.”

Fani Willis’ testimony was outrageous and embarrassing. It should have been disqualifying.

McAfee’s ruling is not surprising. It is disappointing, however.

During a two-week hearing arranged to assess the impropriety of Willis’ personal and financial relationship with Wade, Willis revealed herself to be an incompetent clown. She took the witness stand and presented herself as a combination of rapper Sexyy Red and actor Jussie Smollett.

Georgia taxpayers paid Wade $650,000 for his work on the Trump case, which won’t go to trial until August. Willis claimed she reimbursed Wade thousands of dollars for lavish vacations with the cash she kept around her house. On the stand, she talked in the vernacular of a drug dealer — “If a friend says I owe them a G,” and so forth. She insinuated that a medical condition inhibited Wade’s private part from working while simultaneously stating she would “never emasculate a black man.”

The Washington Post labeled Willis’ testimony “awkward.” Her testimony was outrageous and embarrassing. It should have been disqualifying.

But America loves its racial hoaxes, especially when they destroy the right targets. Trump and his supporters are the right target for a racial hoax.

Willis’ prosecution of the former president for alleged election interference is predicated on racial animus. The entire prosecution is pinned on the hope that a predominantly black and largely Democratic Party jury pool will convict Trump and his allies out of racial and political solidarity. It’s the exact same recipe that has led to the conviction of a string of January 6 trespassers for serious felonies.

Atlanta, Willis’ stomping grounds, has similar racial and political demographics as Washington, D.C., the city sentencing January 6 defendants to long stretches of prison time.

No one believes Trump and his cohorts committed election interference, let alone a level of interference that justifies criminal charges. Asking a political ally to find votes is standard operating procedure in American politics. Complaining that the winning side in a close race stole votes is commonplace.

Willis’ prosecution solely depends on anti-white racism and political bias.

Let’s think this through. American justice is based on the premise that justice is blind. The Lady Justice statues found in and around American courthouses wear blindfolds.

A sworn officer of the court — Fani Willis — stated on the witness stand, “I would never emasculate a black man.” She repeated it and said it with defiance.

Imagine a white sworn officer of the court testifying, “I would never emasculate a white man.” That person would be considered a bigot and disqualified from prosecuting black people.

The prosecution of Trump in Atlanta is a racial lynching led by a racist. Judge McAfee was too afraid to put a stop to it because he knows that anti-white racism is popular in Atlanta.

Black Democrats are the most racist people in America.

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