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Fearless: Black national anthem signals NFL permanently joining BLM-LGBTQIA+ ‘Alphabet Mafia’
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Fearless: Black national anthem signals NFL permanently joining BLM-LGBTQIA+ ‘Alphabet Mafia’

Upon releasing Richard Sherman from custody Thursday evening, the presiding judge hailed the football star as a "pillar of the community."

Police arrested Sherman after the free agent cornerback violently tried to break into the home of his in-laws, threatened to kill himself and harm his wife, and drunkenly wrecked his Mercedes at a construction site.

Something is clearly wrong with one of Seattle's pillars. Fortunately for Sherman, he plays for the right political team. That team is going to protect Sherman at all costs.

That team is what I call the Alphabet Mafia — BLMLGBTQIA+.

The Alphabet Mafia is the new Dallas Cowboys, "America's Team," the team every kid dreams about making.

If you're wondering why the NFL will play the black national anthem — "Lift Every Voice and Sing" — before games in the coming season, it's an initiation ritual placed on the league for Alphabet Mafia membership.

As the Sherman case demonstrates, membership in the mob has its privileges. You can show early signs of O.J. Simpson disease and still be stamped as a pillar of your community. An uncle can call 911 and tell police that you threatened violence against your wife and corporate media will pretend the call never took place.

Let's say Patriots coach Bill Belichick, a friend of Donald Trump, had been accused of the actions attributed to Richard Sherman, would a judge label Belichick a pillar of the Boston community? Would the judge be skewered for giving Belichick "white privilege"?

Yesterday, it was reported the NFL will make the black national anthem standard procedure at its pregame activities. It was also reported that social justice messages will return on the backs of helmets and throughout the stadiums.

The news surprised some sports fans. Even the super-woke NBA backed away from its social justice messaging this season. The words Black Lives Matter were stripped from the court. This past NBA season felt halfway normal. The games no longer felt like ESPN's Maria Taylor was wagging a finger of blame as you watched.

Sports fans wrongly assumed the NFL would make the same pivot to normalcy that the NBA did.

Nope. Not true. Different men have different standards to achieve made status in the Alphabet Mafia. The NFL has more hoops to jump through. It's a process.

Third-string Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib being celebrated for coming out as gay was part of the process. The NFL's social media campaign promoting the league as gay, transgender, non-binary, and Winnie the Pooh was part of the process. So was pretending that women's soccer player Carli Lloyd could kick in the NFL. And so was the Super Bowl commercial based on the fallacy that a little black girl received a football scholarship to play cornerback.

Embracing the black national anthem is part of the process. Continuing the pagan worship of the good Dr. Rev. George Floyd Luther III is part of the process.

At some point, the Alphabet Mafia will demand — and the league will acquiesce — that Meghan Markle be named head coach of the Los Angeles Rams.

Why does the NFL so desperately want to join the Alphabet Mafia?

Because the league has been promised, if it promotes the appropriate narrative, that corporate media will quit terrorizing its brand with false and exaggerated accusations of racism and a lack of safety. The NFL's public relations problems regarding black head coaches and head trauma will disappear.

The league has been bullied into submission. The poor and weak leadership of commissioner Roger Goodell and executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent has made pop culture's strongest force — the NFL — vulnerable.

Football is being brought into the secret society, the fraternal satanic organizations reshaping global society. Global elites cannot socially engineer the changes they want without controlling the number 1 American TV show on five different networks — CBS, Fox, ESPN, NBC, and the NFL Network.

The NFL wants to be treated like Richard Sherman, so it's going to lift its voice and sing, until China's cash registers ring.

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