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Squires: Women fighting back against the trans cult should follow the activist lead of ... Al Bundy?

Aaron Rapoport / Contributor, Icon Sportswire / Contributor, John Shearer / Contributor | Getty images

The women too terrified to define the word “woman” in public need some lessons in guerilla warfare from one of television’s most infamous dads.

When Al Bundy, the husband character on the sitcom "Married... with Children," wasn’t selling shoes or recounting his prowess as a running back for Polk High School, he was engaged in activism on behalf of constituents in his Chicago community.

Al was the founder “NO MA'AM,” the National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood. The anti-feminist organization “came out” to the world on an episode of Jerry Springer’s show, “The Masculine Feminist,” making a list of demands to the women in their lives.

Perhaps women and girls in the West today need a similar organization to give them the courage to stand up to the men – such Lia Thomas and Laverne Cox – who have completely rewritten the rules of womanhood.

I propose the name “NO FA'AM,” the National Organization of Females Against Alternative Manhood.

Members of NO FA'AM would benefit from secret meetings to strategize and develop plans for equipping the next generation of women to speak the truth about human biology with boldness.

That is what the women on the “whatever” podcast needed when they were recently asked to define “woman.” The first woman who answered said “a woman is anyone who wants to identify as one.” The clip ended with a married YouTube creator answering the deep philosophical question with three words – adult human female – as the barely clothed Gen Z panelists sat in silence.

These women are a symptom of a much larger cultural problem.

The gender ideology cult functions like a pyramid structure. At the top are a very small number of people who have deep mental health issues related to gender dysphoria. Some of these individuals have gone as far as altering their bodies through powerful drugs and painful surgical procedures. The group under them consists of a larger number of people who have become confused about “gender identity.” This category includes people who declare themselves “non-binary” and feel the need to announce their preferred pronouns. The foundation of this structure is the vast majority of people who know and believe the reality of biological sex but are too afraid to express their views publicly.

The last group is responsible for transforming America into a nation of cowards. Much like Jerry Springer’s fictional role as NO MA'AM foil, actual male feminists are terrified of offending women, so it’s no surprise that they roll over for the newest group of “women” taking over the culture.

But one of the worst parts of the spread of trans ideology is its effect on women and girls. For decades, feminists have encouraged women to speak up for their rights and challenge the patriarchy. Now women understand that for the first time in history, an imitation is worth more than the original.

They have been demoralized and are completely terrified to offend the newest victim class. In an instant, the victims of male oppression have become the perpetrators of cisgender supremacy. The possibility of public backlash has led to a social phenomenon I call “pre-traumatic stress disorder,” a condition characterized by jumbled logic, paralyzing fear, and silence. These symptoms are triggered by the thought of transgressing trans dogma.

In some ways, it’s hard to blame women. They see that trans ideologues are vicious ideologues whose shame campaign is color-blind and bipartisan.

These young women see what has happened to J.K. Rowling. The author of the "Harry Potter" series has been accused of transphobia for acknowledging the reality of biological sex. Some of the actors who starred in the "Harry Potter" film series publicly denounced her views. Daniel Radcliffe distanced himself from the woman who helped make him a star when he declared that “transgender women are women” in an essay for the Trevor Project, an influential LGBT organization

They saw Macy Gray’s humiliating about-face on the definition of womanhood. Gray went from describing the physical differences between men and women during a conversation with Piers Morgan to declaring that anyone in the LGBT community is a “hero” and “being a woman is a vibe” in an appearance on the "Today Show."

They see the priorities of the most powerful women in media and politics.

Michelle Obama publicly celebrated Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union for receiving an NAACP Image Award for enabling their son’s gender confusion. The former first lady called Zaya Wade an “inspiration” before ending her tweet with a heart emoji.

The Oprah Winfrey Network aired a town hall in 2019 entitled “Black Women Own the Conversation” that included a discussion with Angelica Ross, a man who “identifies” as a woman. Ross lectured a room full of black women for not being good allies in “her” fight to normalize transgenderism. He began his rebuke with a note of solidarity, saying, “Trans women are not your enemy. We are your sister.” But eventually he made it clear that the women in attendance were – for the first time in their intersectional lives – oppressors.

“The conversation we're not having around privilege is where sometimes cis black men cannot own and claim their privilege that they have within the black community over black women and over black femmes. And oftentimes we as black women don't always have the language to talk about our privilege as cis — or your privilege — as cis black women. We have got to understand that being black and being LGBTQ are not mutually exclusive.”

This is the crux of the issue.

Women in politics, media, sports, entertainment, and business have spent the past 60 years arguing that they need access to male-dominated industries and spaces. They set out to smash the patriarchy, only to submit to a deformed version of it in less than a decade. Now they must repeat the degrading language of “people who menstruate,” “vulva owners,” and “people with the capacity for pregnancy” because when Dr. Rachel Levine tells these women how to speak, they listen. When he tells them to sit down and shut up, they dutifully obey.

So much for girl power.

It remains to be seen how much longer they are willing to suffer in silence. Some of the bravest people fighting back against the cult of gender ideology are young women like Chloe Cole, the “de-transitioning” teenager who is suing Kaiser Permanente for, in her words, choosing to "to perform a mutilating, mimicry sex change experiment" on her. Chloe has the type of personal experience, poise, and perseverance to fight back against the people and institutions pushing gender ideology with maximum force.

Perhaps NO FA’AM has found its first president.

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