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Whitlock: Jill Biden wants to groom Caitlin Clark for the Democratic Party

G Fiume / Contributor, Anna Moneymaker / Staff, Tom Pennington / Staff | Getty Images

A friend sent me an angry text last night. He was upset that first lady Jill Biden wants the Iowa women’s basketball team to accompany national champion LSU to the White House.

“This is f***ing ridiculous,” he wrote. “So the all white team loses and gets an invite to the White House for sportsmanship.”

A former athlete, a married father of three daughters, and a passionate sports fan, like many American black men, my friend sees issues through a racial lens first. Social norms have programmed us to see the world in stark black-and-white contrast.

Jill Biden’s interest in Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes must be tied to race. There could be no other explanation.

Well, actually there is. Politics are at the root of Biden’s interest in the Hawkeyes. She’s conducting outreach to the state that hosts the first presidential primary/caucus of the 2024 election cycle. Perhaps more important, she’s recruiting Caitlin Clark.

Democrats control culture. They dictate what is broadcast on television, what is showcased at movie theaters, what is popular on radio, and who has the most influence via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Caitlin Clark appears to be the next big thing in sports. She seems like Tiger Woods and Steph Curry rolled into the same package. She’s the biggest star in all of college sports. Name another college athlete – male or female – with as much name recognition as Clark. You can’t. No one can name anyone who played in last night’s men’s championship.

Clark dwarfs Caleb Williams, the USC quarterback who won the Heisman Trophy. I love college football. I played college football. If Williams walked into my office today, he would have to introduce himself. If Clark walked in, I’d recognize her instantly. I’ve seen only two of her games.

She’s different. Her style of play is unique. It’s must-see TV. Caleb Williams plays exactly like every other six-foot quarterback Lincoln Riley has coached to the Heisman Trophy. Williams is a gimmick. Clark is a force of nature.

She drove women’s basketball to new heights. The Iowa-LSU game recorded the highest TV ratings in the history of women’s basketball. Nearly 10 million Americans watched Clark take on the Tigers. Next season, I’ll follow her from start to finish.

Democrats want Clark on their team. They want to use her to reach sports fans and moderate conservatives. Democrats are praying that Clark is a member of their most important constituency – the Alphabet Mafia.

Yep, let’s deal with the elephant in the room.

Jill Biden does not care about upsetting the LSU Tigers or black voters. LSU star Angel Reese called Biden’s dual White House invitation a “joke.” Reese’s teammate Alexis Morris tweeted: “Michelle OBAMA can we (LSU NATIONAL CHAMPS) come celebrate our win at your house?”

Jill Biden and Democrat strategists are laughing with joy. Iowa at the White House with the Bidens and LSU at the Black House with the Obamas is the dream scenario. Both houses serve the same god, agenda, and constituency – the BLM-LGBTQ+Silent P Alphabet Mafia.

The alleged race war is clever camouflage for the real culture war taking place in America. The real war is over gender and sexuality. It’s a proxy war initiated by Satan to dislodge America from Christian values. Democrats have sent black people to the front lines of this war under the false belief that they’re fighting the KKK. LeBron James is Uncle Sam plastered on posters telling black people: “We Want You for the BLM Army,” a front group for the Alphabet Mafia.

The Bidens want to recruit Caitlin Clark for a more explicit Alphabet Mafia propaganda campaign.

Women’s basketball appeals to the Democrat lesbian and drag queen base. Clark is the first women’s basketball star to reach an audience outside the base. She’s not Anna Kournikova, the sultry pinup tennis star. Clark is all baller. The attraction is Clark’s game, not her sex appeal. She’s relatable. She’s not an overly muscled giant. She’s not tatted. She’s not Brittney Griner. Clark is skilled.

And, yes, she’s white and homegrown. When the national anthem played, Clark and the Hawkeyes looked like the song meant something to them. LSU did not take the court for Sunday’s national anthem.

The Bidens want to groom Clark for leadership.

No one needs to groom Angel Reese and Alexis Morris. Or even Dawn Staley, the South Carolina coach. Their entire identities are tied to the Democratic Party. From abortion to same-sex marriage to transgenderism, there is no Democrat policy black women (or men) will object to over religious or moral principle.

For the privilege of writing books, giving speeches, and pontificating on TV about white racism and a corporate job in a diversity, equity, and inclusion department, black elites pledge unconditional loyalty to the Democratic Party. Toss in an autographed picture of Barack and Michelle Obama and most black voters will volunteer as entertainment at a same-sex party on Epstein Island.

Yes, we’re that cheap. That’s why Jill Biden feels comfortable inviting Iowa to LSU’s White House party. Angel Reese ain’t going nowhere.

The Bidens don’t know what Caitlin Clark is going to do. They want to secure her support and the support of all the sports fans who love her. It’s a smart play in a game of chess. She can reach far more independent voters than LeBron James.

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