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Squires: Black men in my generation must lead the battle against RadFems, BLM, and the groups out to destroy the nuclear family
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Squires: Black men in my generation must lead the battle against RadFems, BLM, and the groups out to destroy the nuclear family

America’s centuries-long battle to become a more perfect union has devolved into a war on the marital union. Nowhere has this fight against marriage and the nuclear family been more intense than among black men, women, and their children. This war is not being waged by racists in white hoods. That type of fight would spark a strong communal response.

No, the soldiers dismantling the black family wear Black Lives Matter T-shirts, call themselves radical feminists and allies, teach at prestigious universities, and often share the pigmentation of the people they want to emancipate from the patriarchy. Worse, these soldiers claim they are pro-family.

Brittney Cooper, the self-described “Professor Crunk,” is a senior strategist in this unholy war. She’s a radical black feminist, an associate professor at Rutgers University, a featured contributor on MSNBC, and a favorite guest for host Joy Reid. This week, professor Crunk has been on the front lines of the abortion debate. In an appearance on Marc Lamont Hill’s show, Cooper argued that the right to abortion is essential to building strong black families.

Via Twitter, I asked professor Crunk how someone who is pro-abortion could also describe herself as pro-family. Her response captured the "daddy doctrine" guiding the left’s attack plan for the past 60 years.

“We don’t need traditional nuclear families for Black thriving,” she replied.

Professor Cooper said out loud what the black community has been living for the past half-century, and her views are consistent with her influential black co-conspirators in politics, media, and entertainment.

Turncoats are the intellectual backbone of the war on the black family, the war to detach black Americans from God’s design for men, women, and their children. They have been incredibly effective.

The number of American children born to unmarried parents has increased significantly in the past 50 years. Nowhere has this cultural shift been more pronounced than within black families. About 25% of black children were born to unmarried parents in 1965. It reached 50% by 1975 and has been over 70% since 1995.

Studies show that social, emotional, and educational outcomes for children are best when they are raised by their married biological parents in low-conflict relationships. Compared to children raised in other family arrangements, children who are raised by their married parents achieve higher levels of education and have lower levels of teen pregnancy, criminal activity, and behavioral problems. Democrats and the subversive black activists and intellectuals who support them may deny this, but it doesn’t change the facts.

Fighting this ideology will require a radical reorganization of priorities and recognition of the people and strategy being used to diminish the necessity of God’s marriage covenant. Step one will involve a mindset shift. We can no longer be more consumed with the history and society our ancestors endured than with the future and society our descendants will inherit.

I’m hoping my children’s children will read the 2119 Project, a mash-up of two of the most controversial documents of their times — the Moynihan Report that focused on the state of the black family in the 1960s and the 1619 Project that situates chattel slavery as this nation’s most central institution.

The 2119 Project will chronicle how my generation fought to rebuild the family structure that Cooper and other subversive actors spent generations trying to destroy. The time to act is now, because given our current trajectory, its prologue will need to explain how black people in America went from slaves to citizens to serfs over the course of 500 years.

The answer is quite simple. Permanent dependency is what awaits any group, regardless of ethnicity, that believes the affirmation and protection of children needs to come from “privileged” strangers and the government, rather than from their own parents.

This is why black men need to lead the charge in rebuilding the family. Children deserve to grow up in environments where they see their fathers love, honor, and protect their mothers. They also deserve to see their mothers love, honor, and respect their fathers. The type of stability this brings is a useful protectant in a cold, unforgiving world. For some reason, many black elites would rather use their time and talent to guilt white liberals into being anti-racist than use their platforms to promote a pro-family agenda.

This war started in the 1960s, with Great Society programs and societal changes brought on by the sexual revolution and second-wave feminism. Now the views on the nuclear family promoted by black politicians, intellectuals, activists, celebrities, entertainers, and influencers vacillate between benign neglect and open hostility.

Professor Cooper wrote the following six years ago in a column for Salon: “American families are changing, and we should celebrate the fact that the two-parent, nuclear family ideal has gone the way of the floppy disk.”

During a 2014 panel discussion on MSNBC, Cooper, along with fellow professors Michael Eric Dyson and Melissa Harris-Perry, dismissed the importance of black fathers. Their defenders would say that they mocked the notion that “magical black daddies” are the panacea for all that ails the black community. But not a single member of that panel would take a similar position on “superhero moms.”

The fact that three social scientists would deny decades of research and innumerable observations across time and culture about the importance of family structure shows they prioritize their ideological commitments over what is best for children.

Every social ill in this country would turn around if more children grew up in loving homes with both parents. The dissolution of the family, across race, impacts everything from abortion to incarceration rates. The results of this change have been clear to any honest observer. What is harder to see are the people who are pushing these changes.

The most radical actors at the top of the pyramid are committed ideologues whose primary concerns are amassing political power, wealth redistribution, and utopian visions of an entrenched matriarchy free from the double-barreled oppressions of racism and sexism.

Right under them are a powerful set of people unwittingly promoting a political agenda they don’t fully understand. These people are what seasoned propagandists would call “useful idiots.”

These include black media members who have promoted Black Lives Matter without ever asking why none of the organization’s 13 original principles used the words “boy, man, or father” even in the parts of the BLM manifesto on the black family. Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors were interviewed by Roland Martin, Joy Reid, Marc Lamont Hill, Trevor Noah, Jemele Hill, the Breakfast Club, and “The View” without ever having to explain why they think the nuclear family should be disrupted.

On the bottom of the pyramid are the millions of black people whose views on family have slowly been transformed through the reordering of social and cultural norms caused by the first two groups.

No culture, community, or country can thrive when its most influential personalities are dedicated to undermining the values, behaviors, and norms that lead to success. That is why anyone who fights against the nuclear family, regardless of how “pro-black” they claim to be, should be seen as an impediment to progress in the black community. Growing up in a home with married parents doesn’t guarantee success, but a community that says the natural family is obsolete is destined for failure.

The financial, emotional, physical, and social damage done during this war is incalculable. What the black community needs now are people with influence to incorporate the benefits of marriage and family into every single aspect of the culture. We need to become as comfortable expressing aspirations for our children around marriage and family as we are for college. Inner-city schools have no issue promoting college attendance to children whose parents don’t have four-year degrees. Helping children see themselves as future husbands and wives should be no different.

The women arguing against the nuclear family often have a deep disdain for heterosexual black men who refuse to play their game. Part of the problem is that too many black men have bought in to the same ideology that has their female counterparts in mental bondage. They think that children are a burden, that women should be the backbone of the black community, and that masculinity is toxic. These views take the complementary roles God designed men and women to play and turn them on their heads.

There’s nothing wrong with culture wars. Given our recent track record abroad in armed conflicts, they are probably the only wars Americans should be fighting. The non-marital birth rates for all groups are on the rise. That means every American has a vested interest in seeing conditions improve in the black family. It is time for all of us, especially black men, to get into the fight.

We don’t owe any loyalty to anyone who thinks we are expendable. Children need their fathers, and we need to be willing to fight to the death for our families. How we are remembered in the 2119 Project will depend on whether we answer the call to fight today.

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