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Whitlock: ‘Dads on Duty’ at a Louisiana high school show America needs a MANdate
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Whitlock: ‘Dads on Duty’ at a Louisiana high school show America needs a MANdate

Men are the vaccine. An injection of masculine, male energy can improve every problem plaguing America. We can flatten the curve overnight.

Southwood High School in Louisiana took the jab earlier this month. After three straight days of on-campus violence and 23 students arrested, a group of 40 fathers injected themselves into the school. The violence stopped the day "Dads on Duty" started walking the hallways and greeting students as they entered the building.

CBS Evening News spotlighted the dads on Friday in a two-minute story. The story spread virally throughout the weekend. Even on masculinity-hostile Twitter, the story was well received. It has 61,000 retweets, 160,000 likes, and more than 10 million views.

The CBS story made no mention of the race of the dads. I respect the decision. In such a short story, it would be difficult to unpack the significance of the race of the fathers. But if you watch the video, the dads appear to be all or at least predominantly black.

Statistics show that black kids are denied the male energy vaccine at a substantially higher rate than all other racial groups. More than 70 percent of black kids are born to unwed parents. Just think what would happen if corporate media focused on the importance of the male energy vaccine as much as it focuses on the COVID vaccine. Young people have a 99.9 percent chance of surviving COVID-19. Surviving without their dads in the homes? The outcomes are catastrophic. You're far more likely to end up in jail, drop out of school, suffer depression, experience sexual assault, produce out-of-wedlock kids, join a gang, etc.

America needs a vaccine MANdate.

There are no negative side effects to men responsibly doing the job they were assigned — shepherding and discipling young people and families. Male energy passed clinical trials thousands of years ago. The Old Testament of the Bible says male energy achieved approval from the FDA — Father Dad Association — in the book of Genesis.

What would a MANdate look like?

The government should penalize and tax corporate media, Hollywood, and the music industry for promoting the lie that the world would be a better place without men. The federal government should find ways to financially reward men for answering a call to duty. Let's give men stimulus checks for joining "Dads on Duty" rather than handing people money for sitting at home.

The nonstop promotion of a matriarchal culture is the anti-vax movement. Feminist leaders are vaccine deniers. YouTube should be removing and demonetizing videos that contain misinformation about the necessary role of men in healthy societies.

Let's stop the lies.

Men are not perfect. But society will not be improved by diminishing our responsibilities and roles. The key to improving society is making men live up to their responsibilities and play the role designed by God.

Let's say some of you reading this column are nonbelievers. Even as an atheist, surely you understand the importance of male leadership, masculinity, and strength? Surely you realize there's a difference between biological men and biological women?

This isn't an argument about superiority. It's an argument about capacity, roles, and responsibility. Women weren't going to build the Panama Canal. Men did. Men died and suffered doing it.

Black boys are dying and suffering in America because they're being denied the male energy vaccine. They're growing up in a culture dominated by the matriarchy. The black matriarchy has been placed on an improper pedestal.

Corporate media is trying to convince us that Stacey Abrams is the modern-day Martin Luther King Jr. Her voter drives are going to take us to the promised land. A vote is more important than a father in the home. No one with an ounce of common sense and an elementary understanding of history believes any of it.

You can't sustain a prosperous neighborhood, city, state, country, or school system without intact families led by dads and moms.

Corporate media spends hours upon hours talking about the responsibility of police officers to protect and serve the people in their communities. CBS gave us two minutes on dads. Two minutes focused on 40 men volunteering to protect and serve the kids in their community.

We got two minutes on the blackcine. The public is thirsty for a conversation about the responsibilities of men and fathers. That's why the CBS video went viral.

The primary police officers of young people should be mom and dad. It's their role to be Officer Friendly. Moms and dads have to patrol homes, neighborhoods, and schools. One officer has been derelict in his duty: dads. That's why I love the name "Dads on Duty."

The mainstream media and the BLM-LGBTQ-CRT Alphabet Mafia want to convince you the government should be our daddy and that America would be a much better place if we ingested more feminine energy and empowered the matriarchy.

Our failing schools are overrun by women and the matriarchy. There's no respect for authority. Schools are drowning in emotion and misguided aggression. A small handful of men showed up at a school in Louisiana and flattened the curve with their mere presence.

A MANdate is all that's necessary to fix America.

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