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Whitlock: Dave Chappelle attacker a symptom of the BLM-LGBTQ ‘replacement theory’ undermining the American family
Pierre Suu / Contributor | Getty Images

Whitlock: Dave Chappelle attacker a symptom of the BLM-LGBTQ ‘replacement theory’ undermining the American family

Will Smith did not beget Isaiah Lee, the 23-year-old wannabe rapper who attacked comedian Dave Chappelle.

Black Lives Matter bred Lee.

On the surface, it makes sense to assume that the Will Smith “slap heard ‘round the world” inspired Lee to run on stage at the Hollywood Bowl and tackle Chappelle Tuesday night.

A month ago, Smith struck Chris Rock on the Oscars stage, calmly sauntered back to his front-row seat, berated Rock from the audience, and 20 minutes later returned to the stage to deliver an acceptance speech for the night’s biggest award. Smith and the Academy Awards set an ugly precedent. The wildly popular actor assaulted an extremely popular comedian for a harmless joke and suffered no real consequences for his lawless behavior.

Like the rest of America, I’m sure Lee took note of Smith’s brazen act. But I’m equally sure Isaiah Lee did not fashion himself as the second coming of Will Smith, a billionaire celebrity.

No, Lee’s role models are the entitled, angry, and identity-confused victims who fashion themselves as social justice warriors under the names Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the enforcement arms of the Democratic Party and the LGBTQIA+ Alphabet Mafia.

Like the rest of America, for nearly a decade, Lee has watched BLM and Antifa rioters burn and loot cities and physically intimidate and harass their opponents without suffering legitimate consequences for their lawless behavior. If a BLM or Antifa supporter sees or hears something they don’t like, they’ve been encouraged to take swift, violent action in response. Kamala Harris, LeBron James, and social media influencers will defend their actions and raise money for their legal defense.

That is the fate Isaiah Lee envisions for himself. He sees himself as a mercenary in the BLM-LGBTQIA+ replacement theory culture war. He expects to be treated as a hero among the confederation of revolutionaries replacing “Western Civilization-prescribed, nuclear family structure with extended families and villages that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

That’s the goal of Black Lives Matter. It was one of the organization’s original public policy positions. BLM didn’t say “replace” nuclear family structure. It said “disrupt” the nuclear family structure. It’s the same thing. The Alphabet Mafia wants to replace God’s natural order for family. That’s the replacement theory destroying America.

Dave Chappelle is a dues-paying member of a nuclear family. He lives in small-town Ohio with his wife and kids. That family structure informs his humor and point of view. It’s why he’s had such a hard time in Hollywood. He struggles to get completely on board with the Hollywood agenda. He complained about and subsequently refused to wear a dress for a role in a movie. He mocks transgenderism. The LGBTQIA+ wing of the Alphabet Mafia despises Chappelle. They want him silenced.

Shortly after being attacked, Chappelle jokingly described Lee as transgender. There’s no evidence that’s true. There is evidence that Lee fits the profile of a disaffected BLM and Antifa mercenary.

Lee grew up a ward of the state and was eventually raised by an activist grandmother who died unexpectedly when Lee was 14. In recent years, he lived with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend. Neighbors told reporters that Lee was volatile and easily frustrated. He posted social media pictures of himself wearing devil horns. He painted his fingernails black.

Lee is not a Will Smith wannabe. Lee looks like the kind of guy leftist billionaires fly all over the country to promote mayhem whenever a white police officer harms a resisting black criminal suspect.

Black Lives Matter created Isaiah Lee. America’s rotting family structure created Isaiah Lee. The rot is far more than our rapidly rising divorce and illegitimacy rates. It’s not just single-parent and divorced-parent kids running wild in major cities. Pampered, delusional, ungrateful, and bitter two-parent kids are running wild on college campuses.

Too many American parents have prioritized money, flat-screen TVs, smartphones, laptops, video games, lavish vacations, designer clothes, and multiple cars well ahead of faith, authentic engagement, patriotism, discipling, and fostering a culture of forgiveness and gratitude.

America has raised a generation of bitter and narcissistic radicals. Our young people are obsessed with recording their own personal history. They’re stars of their own "Truman Shows."

Isaiah Lee jumped on stage because he needed the content for his YouTube page and Instagram feed. It’s the same reason thousands of idiots swarmed Kenosha to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake or Minneapolis to protest George Floyd’s assisted suicide/murder. The “protesters” are content creators. In hopes of building a profitable following, they record everything on their smartphones. If they’re lucky, they could be the next Shaun King or DeRay Mckesson.

Isaiah Lee wants to be a rapper. That’s about all he has in common with Will Smith.

Everything else about Lee screams Jussie Smollett and Black Lives Matter, a bitter opportunist looking to elevate his profile, and a sad victim of the decay of the American family.

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