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Whitlock: Democrats form new confederacy founded on love of dead negroes
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Whitlock: Democrats form new confederacy founded on love of dead negroes

Democrats should rename their governing body. The Democratic National Committee, established in 1848, in no way reflects the modern platform, agenda, and strategy of the party.

The Dead Negro Confederacy more accurately characterizes the political party obsessed with George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, the 1921 Tulsa Massacre, and 70-year-old racial lynchings.

Dead negroes fuel the DNC.

Yesterday, Charles Booker, a Senate candidate running for Rand Paul’s Kentucky seat, released a 72-second ad featuring a noose tied around his neck. In the ad, Booker claimed mobs lynched his ancestors. Via Twitter, he stated three of his uncles were lynched in Kentucky.

“Lynching is a tool of terror,” Booker wrote. “It was used to kill hopes for freedom. In Kentucky, it was used to kill three of my uncles. In this historic election, the choice is clear. Rand Paul may want to divide us, but hate won’t win this time. It’s time to move forward, together.”

Booker’s commercial criticized Paul for blocking federal anti-lynching legislation. The accusation is disingenuous. After objecting to a proposal that failed to properly define lynching, Paul, alongside Republican Tim Scott and Democrat Cory Booker, co-sponsored the Emmett Till Antilynching Act that is now federal law. The law is purposeless, cosmetic, and totally political. For the last 60 years, death by lightning strike has been far more prevalent than lynching.

What has become prevalent in recent years is leftist public figures and political activists using relics of America’s racist past and dead black criminal suspects to advance their careers.

Charles Booker stole his campaign strategy from Jussie Smollett, the actor who tied a noose around his neck to gain popularity. The ploy backfired on Smollett. It worked for NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. Wallace rose from obscurity and a lack of sponsorship support on the ridiculous insinuation that a garage-door rope was really a threatening hangman’s noose.

Two years ago, Booker thought he could ride the momentum of Black Lives Matter and his participation in Breonna Taylor protests to challenge Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell for his seat. During his bid for the Democratic nomination, Booker ran a more traditional campaign. He espoused stereotypical, far-left, Bernie Sanders-approved political policies such as universal health care and the Green New Deal. Booker failed to get out of the Democratic primary. He lost to Amy McGrath, who lost a relatively close race to McConnell.

Booker’s supporters blamed the racism of white Democrats for his primary defeat. It’s no surprise that Booker is back campaigning with a racially divisive message. It’s the primary message of the Dead Negro Confederacy. The Grand Wizard of the DNC, Barack Obama, modeled the strategy in the immediate aftermath of the Uvalde massacre.

Obama told the Dead Negro Confederacy, “As we grieve the children of Uvalde, we should take time to recognize that two years have passed since the murder of George Floyd.”

The DNC does everything it can to keep dead negroes at the top of mind for the American public. Wednesday, President Joe Biden commemorated the Tulsa race massacre, tweeting:

“Today, we remember the hell unleashed 101 years ago in Tulsa, where Greenwood was raided, firebombed, and destroyed by a violent white supremacist mob. It wasn’t a riot, it was a massacre. We must continue to reckon with the past and work to build a more just future.”

The Dead Negro Confederacy strikes again. Democrats do not offer solutions. They tell black people to lock their eyes on the rearview mirror or risk being caught from behind by racists. It’s the Dead Negro Conspiracy, the conspiracy theory of choice for the left.

In their preferred conspiracy, the only thing standing between black people and a noose is the Dead Negro Confederacy.

Vote Democrat or die!

That’s the same message the KKK sounded when six former Confederate soldiers founded the organization in 1865. The KKK worked on behalf of the DNC. It’s always been the Dead Negro Confederacy.

Dead negroes have long served as the platform to elevate Democrat politicians. It explains why the Dead Negro Confederacy is perfectly comfortable with Planned Parenthood and the astronomical number of black babies killed in abortions. It also explains why cities controlled by the Dead Negro Confederacy have high murder rates among their black citizens and support defunding police.

The Dead Negro Confederacy strives to make black people vulnerable and dependent on the goodwill of government. The DNC is against self-sufficiency and self-defense. It has pitted law-abiding black people against law enforcement by convincing black people that we’re all George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, or Emmett Till.

We’re not.

Tamir Rice is not analogous to Emmett Till, a 14-year-old brutally killed in 1955 after a white woman accused him of untoward behavior. An overaggressive police officer made a tragic decision to shoot Rice while the 12-year-old was holding a toy gun.

The only people who should worry about dying the way Floyd did are people who regularly use fentanyl and think it’s wise to disobey police officers for 20 straight minutes.

If you’re a woman and believe you could be killed in a similar fashion to Taylor, I strongly urge you to get a new boyfriend. Ditch him for a man strong enough to leave you in the bedroom while he checks on the trouble at the front door and one smart enough not to indiscriminately fire his gun at police or intruders on the other side of a door.

Everyone else should be asking themselves what they find so redeeming about the Dead Negro Confederacy. Perhaps it’s the organization’s position on climate change. Let’s hope it’s not the DNC’s affinity for dead negroes.

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