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Whitlock: Kanye West, Kyrie Irving, and Dave Chappelle caught in the crosshairs of America’s descent into secularism
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Whitlock: Kanye West, Kyrie Irving, and Dave Chappelle caught in the crosshairs of America’s descent into secularism

CNN now claims, without a shred of credible proof, that Kanye West admires Adolf Hitler. Blue-check social media influencers believe basketball star Kyrie Irving committed an act of anti-Semitism when he retweeted a graphic promoting a Black Hebrew Israelite documentary.

The controversies engulfing West and Irving seem similar to the trouble comedian Dave Chappelle courted when he cracked “Space Jews” jokes a year ago in a Netflix special.

A pop culture observer might conclude that there’s discord brewing between black celebrities and their Jewish business partners in the entertainment industry. I think the problem is much deeper and speaks to the strife, chaos, and anarchy stirring America. You can see it most clearly in the swift, punitive reaction to Kanye West’s poorly worded Twitter screed threatening to badmouth his former associates.

The rapper turned fashion designer is being canceled by any and all means necessary.

Quoting an anonymous business executive, CNN alleged that the shoe designer maintained a hostile work environment, with constant references to Germany’s Nazi leader.

“He would praise Hitler by saying how incredible it was that he was able to accumulate so much power and would talk about all the great things he and the Nazi Party achieved for the German people.”

That’s quite the allegation to level at a man from an anonymous source. But rules of fairness and credibility no longer apply to Kanye West. He’s spent the last six years intentionally crossing the wrong people, the progressive secular elites and influencers seizing power through cancel culture.

Before he was an anti-Semite, corporate and social media told us Ye was mentally ill, a misogynist, sexist, an Uncle Tom, alt-right, anti-vaxx, and a possible Putin sympathizer. Worse, he liked Donald Trump.

While Kanye’s recent controversy appears to have been the last straw, his original sins were being pro-God, pro-life, pro-Trump, and completely uncontrollable. His unwillingness to be controlled meant that the secular progressive elite would need to prevent him from continuing to flourish. Ye had to be corrected, lest other millionaire or billionaire influencers get the bright idea to break from progressive orthodoxy and let the Bible influence their imprecise interpretation of God’s truth.

West has crossed every red line progressive secular elites (black, brown, white, Jewish, female, Muslim, lesbian, gay, trans, etc.) hold sacred. He did it while hoarding all the material and sexual riches Satan has to offer. He’s now being stripped of those riches. JP Morgan Chase kicked him to the curb. So did Adidas, CAA, and all the high-profile tastemakers (LeBron James) looking to benefit from his fall.

Kanye won’t renounce God. At 45, he still has the heart of the 20-something who forced Sony Music to release "Jesus Walks." His faith makes him uncontrollable and unpredictable. The Hollywood secular elite can’t allow him to thrive.

Imprecision and social media recklessness – misdemeanors – are Ye’s real crimes. He fired off a stupid late-night Tweet and subsequently butchered his accusations against a group of former business associates in Hollywood, creating the opportunity for his targets to file countercharges of anti-Semitism. The counterclaim is a clever tactic commonly practiced by progressive elites of every stripe. They exaggerate their level of offense, fear, and victimization to seize power or avoid accountability for their abuse of the power they’ve captured. It works nearly every time.

Black progressive secular elites have seized power in Hollywood, the music industry, and corporate media. If you criticize the satanic “art” they create in music, movies, or television, you’re smeared as racist. The same goes for the progressive secular Jewish people at the top of the movie, television, music, and media industry. If you blame the LGBTQ crowd for the slippery slope that has drag queens inside schools and a record number of children suffering gender dysphoria, you’re smeared as homophobic and transphobic. If you criticize feminists for MeToo overreach and the lowering of military standards in the name of diversity and inclusion, you’re smeared as misogynistic.

Power’s proper partners are accountability and thick skin. Secularists avoid accountability with the thinnest skin in the history of mankind. The slightest imprecision or misspoken word is cast as an existential threat.

According to the secular, Kanye saying “slavery is a choice” moves America one step closer to eliminating the 13th Amendment. “Deathcon 3” signals a potential second Holocaust.

Secularists claim they want equality with white, heterosexual Christian man. Do they really? You can speak imprecisely about white Christian men, you can accuse them of anything, and they’re required to be man enough to deal with it and take responsibility for their mistakes.

I’m not going to entertain the lie that progressive secular elites – black, Jewish, LGBTQ, or feminists – wield no power in the United States. Miss me with that “trope.” Denial of the mass power they’ve collected is just one of the many lies they use to avoid accountability. Minority groups who have previously been victimized have weaponized the victimization of their ancestors to accrue power and uproot the foundational tent poles that made America great.

What’s happening to Kanye is a show of force, a display of secular Hollywood’s nuclear power.

So I’m not surprised that CNN published a story claiming West admires Hitler. Later, in the same story, the network claimed his White Lives Matter T-shirts promoted a “hate slogan.” The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish civil rights organization, determined that the slogan “White Lives Matter” is hate speech.

On the surface, progressive secular black people, Jewish people, LGBTQ, and feminists seem united in their hatred of white people. It’s not white people. It’s a hatred of Christianity that unites them. That hatred compels them to try to destroy anything that Christianity created, including the patriarchy, Western civilization, and the United States of America.

Anyone accused of trying to preserve America and its Christian values can be labeled a Nazi, a Hitler sympathizer, a racist, a homophobe, a transphobe, an anti-Semite.

We can all be treated like Donald Trump or Alex Jones. That’s the lesson the secular want us to learn from their treatment of Kanye West. They control your reputation, your ability to provide for your family, your free speech.

If, as President Obama once complained, you cling to your Bible and your gun, the cabal progressives who worship him will use corporate and social media to smear you.

Thursday, Deadspin published a story accusing me of anti-Semitism based on a tweet I posted that quoted Revelation 2:9. I wrote:

“When will the Bible be de-platformed and canceled? Revelation 2:9: I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. #Kanye.”

Eric Blum, the Deadspin writer, accused me of “spewing blind hate against Jewish people.”

I did no such thing. I quoted scripture. I did not attempt to interpret the scripture. I allowed people to reach their own conclusions. Kanye has claimed in several interviews that he is a Jew. You could interpret the scripture as Kanye committing blasphemy and claiming a false heritage.

But let me remove all the mystery and explain how I interpreted the scripture and what my intent was.

I think secular black and secular Jewish elites are committing blasphemy, claiming an allegiance to a religious heritage they don’t support or respect. There are many secular black people who sit inside churches every Sunday and Wednesday pretending to honor God who abandon every religious principle in pursuit of political power. Barack and Michelle Obama sit at the head of this secular throne. “Rev.” Al Sharpton serves them communion.

That group has partnered with progressive non-religious Jewish people like George Soros to execute a strategy to disrupt traditional Judeo-Christian culture in Western civilization. Secular black and secular Jewish elites then aligned with the LGBTQ-BLM Alphabet Mafia and agreed that any criticism of any of them would be framed as racist, anti-Semitic, or homophobic.

So any time a religious person of any faith or color criticizes behavior, political policies, or cultural norms that directly violate their faith, that person runs the risk of being canceled. He runs the risk of being accused of promoting a revisitation of long-ago oppression. The criticism allegedly causes a pain so immense that it harms its so-called victims irrevocably.

It’s an effective game that undermines truth, honesty, and progress.

The progressive secularists have set up a system that rewards lies, dismantles truth, deceives the naive, and eliminates redemption. It’s satanic.

Kanye West is a flawed human being, no different from me or anyone reading this. He’s not the perfect messenger because there’s only one perfect messenger. That messenger died on the cross.

There’s ample evidence Kanye admires Jesus Christ. There’s no evidence the rapper admires Hitler.

Ye’s admiration of Christ caused him to conclude that Donald Trump gave America a better chance of sticking to its Judeo-Christian culture than Joe Biden. With child-friendly drag queen shows commonplace across America, men dressed as women holding high-ranking government positions, and Democrats convulsing in anger because aborting babies in the womb is now more difficult than it once was, it’s obvious that the rapper reached the right conclusion.

Only the secular can’t see it.

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