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Just too pretty: More than 40 camels booted from beauty contest for using Botox

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Most Americans probably don't know that there's a popular camel beauty contest every December in Saudi Arabia. Makes sense: We don't have a lot of camels in the states — plus, they're ugly as sin.

But the Saudi people are very aware of it — and the they take it quite seriously. Otherwise dozens of camels would not have been kicked out for using Botox and for getting other ... enhancements.

According to the Associated Press, Saudi Arabia's beloved King Abdul-Aziz Camel Festival, which offers about $66 million in price money, was hit with a major scandal this year.

The pageant has strict bans on Botox, face lifts, and many other cosmetic alterations to pretty-up the camels, which are judged on the shape of their humps, heads, and necks, as well as on their posture and costuming.

The state-run Saudi Press Agency reported Wednesday, the AP said, that more than 40 camels had been kicked out of the contest for Botox use and other touch-ups.

According to the Saudi outlet, the organization "is keen to halt all acts of tampering and deception in the beautification of camels,” and that organizers would “impose strict penalties on manipulators,” which apparently includes dozens of breeders who "stretched out the lips and noses of camels, used hormones to boost the beasts’ muscles, injected camels’ heads and lips with Botox to make them bigger, inflated body parts with rubber bands and used fillers to relax their faces."

And all of this on hump day, too.

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