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Watch how Dems react when they read parts of the Mueller report that undermine their narrative

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Pouring salt into their wounds

Image source: YouTube screenshot

On May 16, House Democrats spent 12 hours reading aloud all 448 pages of the Mueller Report while C-SPAN cameras watched, according to the New York Times. The exact purpose of the charade remains unknown.

It came at a time when House Democrats were campaigning for Robert Mueller to testify on Capitol Hill about his investigation, the results of which House Democrats claim were misrepresented by Attorney General William Barr.

If nothing else, the theatrics proved entertaining after the Washington Free Beacon spliced together instances where Democrats read lines from Mueller's report directly undermining their narrative that President Donald Trump committed wrongdoing or that his campaign was somehow connected to Russia's disinformation campaign.

Watch below:

House Democrats Read Mueller Report Sections Clearing Trump on Collusion | SUPERcuts! #692www.youtube.com

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