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MSNBC medical contributor donning 'FAUCI' T-shirt suggests creating 'triage list' so the unvaxxed can get only 'a certain type of care' at hospitals

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Image source: Twitter video screenshot

MSNBC's Joy Reid has earned herself quite the reputation as a wild-eyed, fear mongering leftist determined to not only ridicule but also wish ill upon those who disagree with her far-left worldview and her cries for COVID lockdowns and mandates.

But her anti-unvaxxed enthusiasm was no match for one of her recent guests.

This week — as Omicron is sweeping the county and infecting both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, making up some 95% of all COVID cases — she had a special guest, MSNBC medical contributor Dr. Lipi Roy, with whom she collaborated on ideas to hurt and punish the unvaccinated.

Looking at what's going on in other countries, Reid pushed the idea that those who haven't been jabbed should have to pay increased medical costs and earn less at their jobs.

"At some point, I feel like, people who are willfully unvaccinated — fine, don't get vaccinated — but they need to start to pay a little bit more of the cost of what this is doing to our system," she declared. She went on to note that countries are fining people for being unvaccinated, refusing to pay for tests for the unvaxxed, ending quarantine pay for the vaccine-hesitant, and cutting sick pay for people who haven't been jabbed.

"Don't we have to make people who are just saying, 'I'm willing to take the risk to be unvaccinated; take the risk for me and take the risk for everyone I come in contact with,' shouldn't they have to pay more into the system, because they are collapsing our health system?" Reid asked Roy.

Roy, donning a T-shirt emblazoned with "FAUCI," naturally agreed — and suggested they should be put on a "triage list" so they can get only a "certain type of care."

"There are many possible interventions that we can impose on the people who choose — continue to choose to be unvaccinated," Roy said. "Increased insurance premiums, creating a list, or a triage list, so when people come to the hospital, maybe one of the first questions we ask is, 'Are you vaccinated?' And then that will direct them towards a certain type of care."

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