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Glenn Beck: 'Power hungry' Elizabeth Warren plans to 'fix' the Constitution — just like Woodrow Wilson

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'We have seen this brand of stern academic leftist snobbery before'

Of all the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, nobody embodies the spirit, the vision, and the power hungriness of President Woodrow Wilson more than Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

"I watch Elizabeth Warren roll out a new academic progressive plan every week to 'fix' America ... We have seen this brand of stern academic leftist snobbery before," Glenn Beck said on Tuesday's episode of "GlennTV."

Wilson and Warren both briefly practiced law before becoming college professors. They both wrote "wonky" political books and entered into politics after long academic careers. But that's just the tip of the similarities-iceberg.

"Both participated in drafting details of proposed legislation," Glenn continued. "In Wilson's case ... he took and changed and fundamentally transformed — and I would say ruined — the presidency of the United States because Wilson preferred the parliamentary system over America's constitutional design. He planned to run his presidency like a prime minister. That meant he came up with the legislative plan before taking office ... Warren is doing exactly the same thing."

Glenn went on to note Warren's "extremely academic approach" to legislation, "just like Wilson." Along with fellow far-left professors, Warren has come up with detailed plans for specific legislation she plans to pursue as president.

"For example, Warren has a 'Wealth Tax Plan," said Glenn. "She promotes this constantly, but it was developed by two Berkeley professors. Her 'Universal Childcare Plan" was developed with the co-executive director of Georgetown University's Center on Poverty and Inequality.

"This goes directly to what Wilson believed: There are some people that were born to rule, some people that were born to think, and others that were born to be ruled over. He was in the top two categories. Warren, I believe, believes the same thing."

Watch the clip below to hear Glenn make the case.

Watch the full episode here.

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