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Law prof rips colleges that 'wussify' students, coddle them as 'snowflakes' who'll struggle in real world


'Incredibly sensitive beings ... who must be protected from virtually anything which might possibly upset them'

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A law professor at George Washington University took colleges to task over the growing movement to "wussify" students and coddle them as "snowflakes" who won't be equipped to handle life in the real world.

John Banzhaf, a public interest law professor, initially called out the recent move to offer coloring books and stress balls in a pair of relaxation rooms to first-year female students at GWU who are pledging sororities — you know, in order to get them through the "stressful," "intimidating," and "taxing" recruitment process.

Banzhaf noted that suggesting to these young women that they're "so weak and fragile that they need mental health help to deal with the trauma of picking out where to pledge" is doing them a disservice, particularly "at a time when incoming female college students are being told that they can and should be tough and strong, and stand up to those who might try to bully or sexually harass them."

'A growing movement to wussify students'

He added that "this sorority event appears to be part of a growing movement to wussify students" and coddle them as "incredibly sensitive beings — 'snowflakes' — who must be protected from virtually anything which might possibly upset them."

Banzhaf then turned his attention to law schools, noting that at some in the aftermath of President Donald Trump's 2016 election, "classes were cancelled, exams were postponed, and at one top law school its 'embedded psychologist' offered the law students — too traumatized to continue life as they knew it — Legos, play dough, and bubbles to help them cope with the 'trauma' ..."

He added that UC Hastings Law School, long after the election, offered a library "Chill Zone" where "delicate" students can "relax, meditate, do yoga, [and] take a quick nap to reenergize" — by way of nap pads, bean bag chairs, and yoga mats.

Turning his attention back to women, Banzhaf argued that if they "are expecting to graduate and make tough life-and-death decisions as doctors or lawyers, or to lean in and stand up for their rights in the tough and challenging corporate world," then women shouldn't let themselves be coddled by their colleges.

'Such coddling is likely to turn out more wimpy lawyers'

"Such coddling is likely to turn out more wimpy lawyers who lack the fortitude to stand up to tough judges in defending unpopular causes, and thus our most fundamental rights," he added.

He concluded by asking, "Can one even imagine how a lawyer like Patrick Henry — who famously said 'Give me liberty, or give me death!' in risking his life and fortune to establish a new country — would feel if he heard a Michigan law student now say 'Give me play dough so I can cope,' or a first-year student at GWU saying, 'give me a coloring book to protect my mental health'?"

(H/T: Campus Reform)

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