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Billboard top rapper dives deep into Libertarian theory, explains why government is the problem

Kibbe on Liberty

Not all musicians are progressive

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Not all musicians are progressive and on Episode 14 of "Kibbe on Liberty," host Matt Kibbe was joined by BackWordz frontman, Eric July, and the pair explained what libertarianism is. July also explained how he uses music to connect with the subculture that he is already a part of, and why the government is the problem.

July said that he is an uncompromising defender of liberty, and he is on a mission to connect with his audience through music. He injects the message of liberty and freedom into the cultural conversation. Influenced by prominent names such as Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams, July credited both men for having shaped his social and economic views.

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July explained that being Libertarian was about property rights and not imposing one's political bias onto other people, regardless of personal social and economic stance.

What is libertarianism?

According to July, libertarianism is a philosophy built on self-ownership, property rights, and the belief that only thing one owes another is non-aggression, that can only be imposed on one's self and not on anyone else.

"Libertarianism is about doing whatever you want in life as long as you avoid the act of using force to impose your views on someone else," he added.

Kibbe added, "Libertarian values come from Mom, really controversial stuff like: Don't kill anyone; don't take anyone's stuff; work hard, mind your own business, pretty much all of the rules needed to live a good life."

What is Anarcho-Capitalism

July described anarcho-capitalism as a form of libertarianism, however, unlike traditional libertarianism, which, according to July, made exceptions for the anarcho-capitalism aimed at the privatization of goods and services as well as defense, court systems, security, etc.

"The anarcho-capitalist is willing to say that we accept that markets are better suited to solve problems, to solve issues, why would we make excuses for those institutions," July said.

Kibbe and July agreed that government is ultimately the problem for the free market and free exchange of ideas and that when the government gets out of the way, the standard of living improves for the individual.

Watch the video below for more details.

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