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Change My Mind: Confirm Amy Coney Barrett, Part Two

Louder with Crowder

A political science student named Kit joined Steven at the Change My Mind table to discuss whether the Senate should confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

In this clip, in addition to interpreting the law, Kit argued the Supreme Court should represent America's viewpoints and cultures. Packing the court, he believed, was the best way to achieve fair representation.

Crowder explained that it is the Supreme Court's job to interpret the law. The Supreme Court is not democratically elected. The president has the right to nominate, and the Senate has the right to confirm. The public does not have the right to vote on the confirmation of a new Supreme Court justice.

"I've noticed a pattern today ... you don't have a constitutional or legal argument for why the Senate should not confirm Amy Coney Barrett," Crowder said. "You just don't like it."

Watch the video to hear Kit's "interesting" take on the Supreme Court's role and intent.

Confirm Amy Coney Barrett | Part Two | Change My Mindyoutu.be

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