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Debunking left-wing fallacies about 'heartbeat' bills passed in Georgia and Alabama

Louder with Crowder
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On Thursday, "Louder with Crowder" host Steven Crowder debunked a few common fallacies perpetuated by the left about the "heartbeat" bills passed in Georgia and Alabama, that prohibited physicians from performing an abortion procedure after six weeks.

In this clip, Crowder poked fun at feminists who claimed that they have a constitutional right to have an abortion due to the feminist tendency to disregard a citizen's right to free speech and to bear arms.

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Crowder debunked the left's claim that a woman would face life in prison if she elected to terminate her pregnancy. He explained that in U.S. history, only two instances occurred that involved a woman having received criminal charges for terminating her pregnancy, and both instances dated back to the 1900s.

According to Crowder, the Alabama bill prohibits physicians from performing an abortion procedure and would allow for legal prosecution if a physician were found in violation of the law. He asserted that neither the Alabama bill nor any evidence of precedent exists to support the irrational fear of criminal prosecution for a woman who had terminated her pregnancy.

Next, Crowder turned his attention to the fallacy that this Alabama ban is going to overturn Roe v. Wade.

"It could... some people would like to see it overturned," Crowder said. "That's a separate issue from the argument. There's a few common misconceptions about Roe v. Wade, and what would happen IF it were overturned. All states place restrictions, or most states place restrictions or regulations. Texas, they wanted to ban abortion after 20 weeks, which [Sen.] Elizabeth Warren famously opposed because she is a 'moral' lady.

"Everyone has the hill they are willing to die on," Crowder continued. "What's yours? It's the hill littered with dead babies. It's the 'dying hill.'"

Watch the video below for details.

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