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LATE-NIGHT TV: Steven Crowder explains how coronavirus revealed Kimmel, Noah, and the rest as lazy hacks

Louder with Crowder


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Need some relief from terrible late-night television? Steven Crowder has you covered with brand new late-night content Monday - Thursday for the entire month of April.

Crowder isn't a doctor caring for patients, nor is he a scientist searching for a COVID-19 vaccine.

But he is an entertainer who is beyond capable of saving us all from being stuck watching Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah battle it out as they attempt being quarantine YouTubers. After all, we're quarantined, not in prison.

Here's Crowder to explain why Samantha Bee and the rest of the late-night roster are lazy hacks. Take it away, Crowder ...

LATE NIGHT SUCKS: How Coronavirus Exposed Kimmel, Noah... | Louder with Crowderyoutu.be

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