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What not to see tomorrow


For those of you who have off work tomorrow and want to spend part of the day at the movies, The Atlanticcautions against seeing "Machete," the film staring Danny Trejo, Robert De Niro, Lindsay Lohan, and that guy from that old CBS cop show (hint: also in "Cheech and Chong"):

Starring Danny Trejo as an ex-Federale who embarks on a blood-stained, cross-border revenge escapade, Robert Rodriguez's Machete looks to tap (at least superficially) into the simmering national debate about illegal immigration with a few well-placed decapitations. The film, born from a two-minute mock trailer in Rodriguez's 2007 gleefully-seedy B-movie Grindhouse, has already rankled a few pundits who didn't find its "nose-thumbing insouciance" and "shameless vulgarity" particularly commendable. The sheer audacity of the flick, which includes Robert De Niro comparing illegal immigrants to cockroaches and Lindsey Lohan as a gun-toting nun, hopes to build on the inevitable controversy before its release. Reviewers are more interested in dissecting what the film is actually trying to say, if anything.

While I haven't seen it (I have no desire), it doesn't sound like a winner.

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