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DeMint: 'I'd Rather Lose Fighting for the Right Cause


With Christine O'Donnell's victory in the Delaware GOP senate primary Tuesday evening, South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint once again proved himself as a formidable conservative force within the Republican Party.  DeMint, along with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, endorsed O'Donnell in the days leading up to the primary, much to the chagrin of party leadership who backed Mike Castle's campaign.

One day after O'Donnell's victory, DeMint is celebrating a victory for conservatives.  ABC News' Jonathan Karl reports:

I asked Senator DeMint if he’ll have any regrets if come November 3rd he realizes Republicans blew their chance at winning a majority because some of the candidates he supported lost.

“No. I’ve been in the majority with Republicans who didn’t have principles and we embarrassed ourselves and lost credibility in front of the country. Frankly, I’m at a point where I’d rather lose fighting for the right cause then win fighting for the wrong cause,” he told me.

And when St. Petersburg Times' Alex Leary asked the senator whether tea party-backed candidates may actually hurt the GOP's chances of taking over Congress, DeMint replied:

"The GOP would not have a chance to take the majority in the House or the Senate if it weren’t for the tea party. To think that we could be where we are if we had Arlen Specter and Charlie Crist leading our ticket is just foolishness."
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