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Miley Cyrus's singing causes seizures


According to MSNBC, one Miley Cyrus (a.k.a. Hannah Montana) fan gets the shakes when she hears the teen pop star sing. But not in a good way:

Certain sounds -- barking dogs, the clash of cymbals and a song by the alter ego of celebrity offspring Miley Cyrus -- all trigger seizures in the girl, making her body shake and jerk forward. ...

In the Florida girl's case, low baritone-type sounds like dog barks caused as many as 25-30 seizures a day, says Dr. Paul R. Carney, a pediatric neurologist and professor at the University of Florida. The girl likes music, he says, but found that some songs could trigger a seizure, including one by Hannah Montana. (He doesn't recall the title.)

The article says a similar thing happened in 1997: hundreds of Japanese kids suffered seizures when they saw the flashing lights of a Pokemon cartoon.

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