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Cops: Pot-Smoking Toddler Had Been Given Weed Before


We've seen this enough before to wonder why the idiot parents decide to put this stuff on video.  The latest case -- a 2-year-old Ohio girl:

The 2-year-old girl, with her too-big tank top slipping off of her left shoulder, stands and watches television as she puts a joint to her lips and takes a puff before waving her arm to fan away smoke and continuing to puff on the marijuana cigarette.

And let's go to the video tape:

Mom is now facing felony charges:

“What’s quite disconcerting is she is handling this like she’s done this before,” Deters said of the child.

At one point on the 1 minute, 37 second video shot in August, a voice believed to be Gamble’s tells the girl “Don’t blow on” the joint.

After the child takes a few more puffs, the same voice asks, “What is that?” and then a hand grabs the child’s hand that is holding the joint. The person shooting the video – Gamble, the indictment alleges – takes the joint from the child’s fist and holds it up so it is in the middle of the image frame. Then she laughs.

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