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Sound Off: Is Beck Right or Wrong About Tea Party Outfits?


"Don't give the media even a chance to typecast you."

Glenn Beck is no stranger to public criticism. Usually, that criticism comes from entrenched critics. But today, Beck was chided by some of his most loyal fans. What's got everyone so upset?

Beck's stance on playing dress-up.

Recently, Beck started imploring Tea Party supporters to lose the costumes, and homemade signs, so as not to give detractors ammunition. "What costumes and signs?" you may ask.

See here...


And here...

So last night, he took to the airwaves to encourage more modest dress: "Don't give the media even a chance to typecast you."

He repeated the charge on this morning's radio show, taking umbrage with one costume in particular: "What's more effective, you as Betsy Ross or you as somebody who looks just like their neighbor, not dressed as Betsy Ross?"

Them be fightin' words! Beck's comments didn't sit too well with Meg in Pennsylvania, who scolded Beck for getting the costume creeps:

But Beck stayed on message: "I'm not saying you can't go dressed as Betsy Ross or the Statue of Liberty --that would be a totalitarian state ... [But] if you want to truly make a difference, it is now time that the Tea Party takes the next step. ... And first impressions make all the difference."

Hold on! Wait just a minute, Mr. Beck. We have done some digging (thanks to your own website) and have one question for you: how can you call for more graceful garments when you yourself have donned outlandish outfits? Yup, we found this:

And what about this...

And don't think we can ignore this...

So, given the body of evidence, what do you think? Is Glenn right, or is he overreacting? Does he have a legitimate concern that the Tea Party's important message will be overshadowed by the extravagant costumes and Sharpied signs? Or, is he a closet costume-donning hypocrite? Leave your comments below.

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