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Sarah Jokes: ‘Palin, in Iowa, Decides to Run’


“It may take some renegades to get us there..."

I have a new theory for the left wing to start spreading around: Christine O'Donnell was cooked up to make Sarah Palin look like a serious elder stateswoman. And Palin never dabbled in witchcraft. That we know of.

So let's get serious. Out there in Iowa -- sounds like it was some kind of speech:

Sarah Palin offered a full-throated call to arms for angry and out-of-power Republicans on Friday in front of an audience of some of the nation's most influential party activists as the headliner for a sold-out Iowa GOP fundraiser in Des Moines.

You can hear the "Decides to Run" joke in this piece from NBC News:

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So yes it was a joke but Colby Hall asks: "What is the phrase again? Many a truth are said in jest?"

The New York Times noted her challenge to the GOP to embrace Tea Party enthusiasm:

“We can’t blow it, G.O.P., but we won’t wait for that political playbook to be handed to us from on high from the political elites. We won’t do that,” Ms. Palin said, speaking over applause. She added, “It may take some renegades to get us there. It may take folks shaking things up to get us there.”
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