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Conservative Resurgence? Huffington Blames the 'Lizard Brains


The Left has a new way to explain the recent wave of opposition to their liberal policies

As the intellectual Left struggles to understand why the majority of the country is standing athwart the Obama administration's signature attempts at "fundamental transformation," they've apparently agreed on one thing: we've all got lizard brains.

It turns out, according to people such as President Barack Obama and liberal media magnate Arianna Huffington, that many people are acting soirrationally because their brains are not fully developed and in times of uncertainty, we revert back to this "reptilian" way of thinking. (It couldn't have anything to do with people actually disagreeing with them...)

During a recent appearance on The View, the president himself used this elitist line of thinking to try and explain the apparent rampant racism present in today's society:

More recently, Huffington yesterday warned of the dangers of "lizard brains" in today's electoral politics, blaming them for people's so-called irrational support of Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell:

The "lizard brains" seem to be doing the trick for Christine O'Donnel. Since winning her primary election against Mike Castle she has raked in over $2 million in campaign contributions from reptilian supporters across the country.

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