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Study: Liberal Leftists May Literally Lean Left


"Factors totally unrelated to politics affect the outcomes of elections."

New research by two Princeton scientists shows that describing Democrats as "leftists" might not be that far from the truth.

Researchers used two different experiments, including one involving a special chair, to reach their conclusion. In the chair experiment, Daniel Oppenheimer and Thomas Trail found that those who lean to their left while seated agreed with Democrats more than those who sat leaning to the right. The first experiment using a hand gripper yielded similar results.

According to an article in the Economist, at least one of the researchers, then, believes that elections are controlled by non-political factors:

According to Dr Oppenheimer, however, these findings add to the body of literature which indicates that voter behaviour is irrational and that factors totally unrelated to politics affect the outcomes of elections.

Just as CNN introduced the election-day hologram in 2008, maybe we can expect a "chair cam" this November. Either way, should you find that you are a left-leaning sitter and want to prevent a subliminal take-over in the voting booth, there is one thing you can do:

H/T: Gawker

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