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Colbert makes a complete mockery of Congress


When I saw the news that Stephen Colbert was going to testify before Congress to talk about the one day he spent working on a farm, I was ashamed.  After his testimony today, I'm not only ashamed, I am angry.  But my anger isn't so much directed at Colbert as the politicians who thought it'd be a good idea to put on a committee comedy spectacle in the halls of Congress.

While some criticized Colbert's appearance earlier this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she thought it would be a great idea for the Comedy Central star to give his "expert" testimony.  "Of course I think it's appropriate," she said. "He's an American. He can bring attention to an important issue. I think it's great."

Further, if I voted in California's 16th Congressional District, I would have serious objections to sending Rep. Zoe Lofgren back to Congress.  Not only was it Lofgren who invited Colbert to "testify," but when Michigan Rep. John Conyers tried to pull the plug on Colbert's stunt, Lofgren actually intervened and insisted, "Many are eager to hear his comments."

While many in the Beltway media are commenting on how inappropriate Colbert's appearance was this morning, I'd like to thank NRO's Kathryn Lopez for pointing out that "a congressional chairman made a joke of her committee today."

This whole stunt is a slap in the face to people who actually work in agriculture and immigrant laborers, supposedly represented by Colbert today.  Somehow I doubt images from Colbert's latest colonoscopy -- which the jokester tried to have entered into the Congressional Record -- will do them much good.

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